Karine Jackson

Karine is obviously the eponymous owner of Karine Jackson Sustainable Hair which she opened in 2003, following an outstanding career to date that started at her parents’ salon in Wollongong, Australia through to being an award-winning manager at Charles Worthington’s Covent Garden Salon.

Owning her own business, however, has given Karine the opportunity to run a salon according to her own ethos and values of which sustainability and caring about climate change is a large part. 

It was a client query about ammonia-free colour that prompted Karine to research alternative options to the usual big brand products, which led to the introduction of the Organic Colour Systems range in the salon in summer 2007; and this has extended to other environmentally conscious practices including her campaign against single-use plastic (which sometimes feels like an uphill battle); using perming methods with more natural ingredients; using the Vish Salons system to weigh any colour used to ensure no wastage, and joining the Green Salon Collective which aims to recycle all hair and any other waste generated by the business.

This focus and effort earned her the title of London’s first certified sustainable eco-salon, in addition to being shortlisted in the Colour Salon and Green Salon categories in the Salon Business Awards.

She is also passionate about equality and diversity, pays her team the London Living Wage and is not afraid to speak out or lead by example on opportunities for women, LGBTQ+ issues and racial justice, issues that she was able to bring to a wider audience when she was elected President of the Fellowship for British Hairdressing in 2017.

Whilst running an award-winning business doesn’t leave much spare time, when the opportunity occurs, Karine loves entertaining and can be found in the kitchen experimenting with complicated dishes by the likes of Ottolenghi, whilst enjoying a good champagne as an accompaniment!