Price List

We've developed a unique way of charging that's fair for everyone and provides living wages for our wonderful team who work so hard providing hair services. We are also conscious about not adding to the waste in landfills, and as such have sourced plastic-free PPE.

We will now book appointments via hourly slots rather than by service. We have factored in the time it will take for every client to wash their hands on arrival, for your hair to be done and for the stylist to also sterilise after every client. There will be an additional cost for the amount of colour and treatments used.  If you would like to understand how this works, please get in touch with us.

Here is an example for an appointment requiring colour, cut and specialist treatment:

Cut & Finish with a Senior Stylist: £60  
Creative Colour with Senior Stylist: £60
Colour Used: £ 10-£30
Treatment Used: £20

ServiceTiming mins GraduateSeniorStyle directorColour/perm Specialist Director
Cut and finish 60£40£60£70£90£150
No Limits 60£40£60£70£90£150
Roots 60£40£60£70£90£150
Full tint 60£40£60£70£90£150
Highlights full 120£80£120£140£180£300
Highlights ¼ - ½ 60£40£60£70£90£150
Bleaching Virgin 180£120£180£210£270£450
Perming 180N/A£180£210£270£450
Consultation 15£10£15£17.50£22.50£37.50