Volumising & Perming

Looking for modern curls? We are the perm specialists!

Anna permPerming has come a long way since the tight curly perms of the 1980s.  At Karine Jackson Sustainable Hair Salon in London we can create soft curls, full of volume and movement, which look natural and in excellent condition.

As the UK’s number 1 perm specialist,  we have 35 years' experience in creating beautiful hair and do more than 200 perms a year at Karine Jackson Sustainable Hair Salon in London.  Our perming specialist Anna knows everything there is to know about perming hair.  All stylists have been specially trained by Anna. 

Anna has designed a bespoke consultation to ensure we get the best result that is suitable for your hair type. Consultations are carried out at the salon.  

The team will also give you lots of tips and advice to help you care for your hair before and after your perm service.  Book your perm consultation online today or call us on 020 7836 0300.

Be kind to your hair, scalp and the planet

We use a revolutionary ammonia-free product from OCS - Think Curl, which is completely free from thiogylcolic acids. During
your consultation, your stylist can determine whether your hair is suitable for a perm. The neutraliser system contains plant amino acids, which soothe and condition the scalp, leaving your hair with a natural feel, bounce and shine.

Let’s find the curl for you

Restyle and perm Simon after 1

Every perm begins with your consultation. Here’s what we’ll discuss:

Hair type — length, thickness and texture

Hair history — colour, chemical service, heat styling

Home care — shampoo, conditioner and styling products used, and how often

Desired curl result — for most perms we use rollers in different sizes, for a more natural look; if you have photos or images that illustrate what you’re looking for, those are very helpful (feel free to check our Instagram account @karinejacksonsalon)

Hair condition — hair must be in optimal condition for your desired perm result; we check this by wet stretch testing and perm  testing a small sample of  your hair

Perm process — most perms take a minimum of three hours;

Mens cut and perm 7

 for your consultation, please make sure your hair is in its natural state and freshly washed with no product in it. This gives us the best indication of how your hair will respond to the perm

Consultations are available at the salon or, by request, via Zoom. 

Book online for a hair consultation with us today!