Eco-Friendly London Salon

Karine Jackson Hair & Beauty Salon in Covent Garden Features in ‘How To Spot An Eco-Friendly Salon’ Article

Your Eco-Friendly Hair Salon in London!Our very own Karine Jackson featured in a recent edition of Layered Online magazine all about how you can spot an eco-friendly hair salon.

The article states: ‘We’re all about sustainability, environmentally-friendly salons and organic solutions, but what does it all actually mean and how can you spot a salon that’s truly eco-friendly?’

It continues by mentioning the natural hair colour option with Organic Colour Systems, which Karine Jackson uses in her Covent Garden salon. Organic Colour Systems displays the PETA Cruelty-Free and Vegan logos and also sponsors Greenpeace. As an added bonus, Organic Colour Systems uses the lowest possible amount of PPD (the ingredient that makes hair colour permanent, necessary to cover greys, but also associated with allergic reactions) and is free from ammonia. Plus, the products are made in Hampshire so boast a low carbon footprint and the company refuses to trade with countries or businesses that insist on or endorse animal testing.

karine jackson hair & beauty salon, covent garden, wins sustainable salon award in LondonThe article also mentions Karine Jackson’s policy of recycling as much as possible.  Karine says: “For example, we don’t use any plastic cups for drinks and if we have to use plastic we always use 100 per cent recyclable plastic. We are looking to just use loose leaf tea in the salon also as tea bags contain micro plastic.”

One of the easiest ways to find out if a salon near you is eco-friendly is if it has a Sustainable Salon Certificate.  Karine Jackson was the first salon in London to be awarded a Sustainable Salon Certificate which shows we have made sustainable choices such as switching to a renewable energy supplier, saving water, using recyclable towels, reducing colour waste, using tepid rather than hot water, recycling, using low-energy lighting and electrical tools, and picking products containing sustainable palm oil.

You can read the article in full here.