Wedding Hair Tips & Ideas

Covent Garden West End Hair Salon ColourKarine Jackson says: “Wedding hair planning should start the moment you’ve purchased your dress! I always ask my clients to come in for a consultation, where we discuss the neckline of the dress and any themes they’re planning. We then look at whether you’d want to maintain the hair at the length it’s at or if you need to grow it.”

“Keeping the hair healthy will encourage growth so really take the time to look after your hair with my top tips. If you’re looking to maintain your hair at its current length then you’ll just need to keep your hair in healthy condition and come in for trims every 4-6 weeks. If you’re going to grow your hair in time for the wedding then you’ll still need regular trims, so be sure to come into the salon every 6-8 weeks. Consider starting to take a supplement to encourage hair’s growth.”

“Most good salons now stock these so ask your local salon for their recommendations. I’ve seen some great results with these, especially when taken in conjunction with my other top tips. Overhaul your diet by adding plenty of foods high zinc, protein and Omega 3 (found in oily fish), as these are great for healthy hair.”

“Be sure to give your hair a good brush every evening whilst it’s dry. I’d recommend switching to a brush with good quality bristles like Mason and Pearson. Be sure to brush the hair from root to tip, as this will distribute the hair’s natural oils giving hair a healthy shine. Brushing hair regularly stimulates the scalp and gets the blood flowing, which promotes growth. Massaging the scalp will also help as it prevents the build-up of oil and keeps the follicles clear.”