Top Tips For Perfect Curly Hair

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Covent Garden West End Hair Salon BeautyFed up with curly hair that turns to frizz?  Had enough of curly hair breaking off?  Desperate to have healthy curly hair that behaves itself?

At Karine Jackson Hair & Beauty in Covent Garden, we are specialists in making curly wavy hair look sensational.

Covent Garden West End Hair SalonWhen it comes to colouring curly hair, Karine Jackson uses the superb Organic Colour Systems which delivers curl-friendly colour.

Curly hair is prone to being dry and can damage easily so needs a high level of conditioning so Organic Colour Systems is perfect for curls.  It has the lowest possible amount of PPD for a permanent colour, no ammonia and lots of conditioning properties.

How To Get Perfect Curls – Karine Jackson Hair, Covent Garden

Covent Garden West End Hair Salon ColourIf you have curly hair you will probably have experienced the following issues with your locks:

  • curls that turn to frizz (especially in humid or rainy weather)
  • dry, dehydrated hair
  • curly hair that breaks
  • knotty tangled curly hair
  • curly hair that has a life of its own!

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What you want is great curly hair that is full of body, bounce and shine, a great shape and is easy to manage without any frizz and flyaways.


Curly Hair Needs A Great Hair Cut

Covent Garden West End Hair Salon BestIs your hair flat on top and curly at the sides?  Karine Jackson recommends:

  • getting your hair cut by someone who truly understands how curly hair ‘works’
  • changing your parting as your hair dries.  This will add volume at the roots.  You can change back to your usual parting once your hair is dry.
  • trying a zigzag parting as this will also give you volume at the roots.

Apply Hair Conditioner for Curly Hair

Apply hair conditioner designed for curly hair when washing your hair and gently work through each strand using a wide tooth comb.  Scrunch your hair from the ends of the hair upwards towards the scalp to encourage the curl.  Be very gentle with your hair as it can break when wet.

Towel Dry Or Air Dry Curly Hair

Gently towel dry or air dry curly hair.  Do not rub the hair – squeeze it to keep the shape of the curl and scrunch it into the position you want it to look when dry.  Try to use a cotton or micro fibre towel to minimize frizz.

Your diffuser should be set on warm and at a low speed to reduce frizz.  Start on the roots and when they are dry, work on the mid lengths using an upward motion.  The roots and mid lengths must be completely dry before you move onto drying the ends of your hair.

Use A Curling Wand To Create More Curls

If you have some strands of hair that are wavy, others are curly and some are straight, invest in a good curling wand or tong and add some curls to even out your look.

Avoid Knots In Curly Hair

Silk pillow covers are a great investment if you tend to wake up with curly hair that looks a mess and is tangled and knotty.  The silk reduces friction on your hair so it will look much smoother when you wake up.  You can also try clipping your hair up while you sleep.

Call Karine Jackson’s Curly Hair Expert

If all else fails and you are still struggling with your curly hair, please book in for a consultation by calling us on 020 7836 0300.