Top Tips For Curly Hair

How To Care For Curly Hair - Top Tips From The Curly Hair Specialists At Karine Jackson Sustainable Hair Salon In Covent Garden, London

Clients love it when you have a specialist to talk to them about their curly hair as they’ve often had a bad experience somewhere along the line and either have a strong specific brief about how they want it cut, or struggle to look after it and need a good curly haircut and advice.

Curly hair needs different attention to straight hair which is why we offer curl specialist services at Karine Jackson Sustainable Hair Salon in Covent Garden.  This helps the client see that we acknowledge that their hair is different and that we know how to treat it properly.

Tip 1: Book A Curly Hair Consultation 

Our cutting technique allows us to get the best shape out of each individual type of curl and we spend time with each client to gain an in-depth understanding of their hair type and lifestyle, before interpreting their requests to deliver results that keep them coming back again and again. As with all services, consultation is key to understanding what your client loves and hates about their hair and offering a solution to that. Sometimes it just comes down to product and education – showing you how to embrace your natural curl by twisting hair around the fingers as it dries for example, or using a product that accentuates and defines the curl.

Tip 2: Use Conditioner On Hair Curls

Curly hair is naturally drier than straight hair so needs lots of conditioning AND you don't need to shampoo every time, you can just wash curly hair using conditioner.  Karine Jackson Hair Salon in Seven Dials is one of the top curly hair salons in London with curly hair specialists who can give advice and work with your hair to bring out the best in your curls!

Tip 3:  Take Control Of Your Curly Hair

Blot with a towel, don’t rub, and encourage curls by tipping the head upside down and scrunching the water out. Add conditioner when your hair is damp and then you can take control of the curl – sealing the cuticle with a serum or oil will stop frizz and define the curl.

Tip 4: Use A Hairdresser Who Understands Curly Hair

Our cutting technique creates the most beautiful shapes because with curly hair, you have to cut the individual curl to create a shape and no two curls are alike. Shampooing and cutting a straight line through the curls makes no sense at all. Curly hair is more like topiary - each individual piece needs separate attention. The structure of it is circular, not angular, and that is something that our curly hair experts in London understand.

Tip 5:  Book A Curly Hair Appointment At Karine Jackson Sustainable Hairdressers in Covent Garden, London

Are you looking for a curly hair salon in London?  We really are highly trained when it comes to cutting curly hair so please book in for a free hair consultation or book an appointment by calling our friendly and professional team on 020 7836 0300.