The Perm Is Back!

The Return of the Perm at Karine Jackson Hair Salon, Covent Garden

golden blonde perms at karine jackson hair salon in covent gardenAt Karine Jackson Hair & Beauty in Covent Garden we’ve had lots of requests for perms and volumising services  – around four a day!

The perm is definitely back, but it’s much softer and gentler.

Karine Jackson says: “I think the word perm brings up connotations of that super curly old-style perm, but technology (and taste!) has moved on.

“We use different sized rods to curl on now – the larger ones are basically rollers so you aren’t getting a super-tight look – and the solution is ammonia free and gentle on hair.

“For natural curls we’ve now launched specialist curl services in the shape of our Curl Clinic. I’ve loved seeing Kylie Minogue with her curls again as well, she looks beautiful.”

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