Summer Hair Care Tips

Hair Tips for Summer from the Team at Karine Jackson Hair & Beauty Salon in Seven Dials, Covent Garden

Check out some of the must-have hair products and hair & beauty tips to take you through the summer months, from the experts at Karine Jackson Hair & Beauty Salon in Seven Dials. 

aqua boost leave in conditioner karine jackson hair salon seven dialsYour Must-Have Summer Hair Products

“Here are my top must have products for the summer and some tips so you can get the perfect products for you.
“So I know my current hair condition but it’s worth having a strand test in the salon as this really helps me see what my hair needs and is lacking. The team here perform a strand test with every consultation so you too can see what your current hair condition is. It really does make a massive difference when buying products.The Balancer, karine jackson hair salon seven dials For example, my hair is fine, so if I’m using products designed for thicker hair I really notice it!

“For the summer I couldn’t live without a leave in conditioner. My favourite is The Organic Aqua Boost leave in conditioner. A little tip is to apply all over when on the beach; it really does help protect your hair from the sun and sea. In the sun you need to treat your hair as if it was your skin!
“Another must-have favourite product is The Balancer from The Karine Jackson range. After a long day at the beach I use this pre-wash as a deep cleanse – it also rebalances your scalp PH levels, stimulates circulation and leaves an amazing shine. 
“Lastly, conditioner. I always make sure I comb through my conditioner before rinsing. With fine hair if you don’t comb out your knots with conditioner you really are going to cause breakage, something us fine hair girls hate to hear.” – Sam Honeywell.

summer hair tips karine jackson hair salon seven dials covent gardenDry Your Hair Naturally

“For those with curly manes in summer – time to change over your shampoo/conditioner to super hydrating and stop diffusing! I advise drying your hair naturally so the curls don’t come out too dry and start to lose moisture.

“My colour tip for curls –  add some different toners through the ends to create a natural summer glow to the hair (brunette balayage is very big for summer.)  Plus, choppy fringes are in! Both straight and curly.” – Sophia Osborne

summer hair care tips karine jackson hair salon covent gardenHave A Regular Trim To Stop Split Ends 

“During the summer clients need to have their hair cut regularly.  Trimming the hair a few inches will help prevent split and dry ends.

ALWAYS use sun protection spray as it’s so important to protect the scalp and hair in the sunshine. In addition, keep away from bleach as it makes hair dry!

“Instead of blow drying or using heated tools to style the hair, let it dry naturally, or apply some hair moose to give a bit of shape and body. You might not know this, but over-washing the hair can make it dry. We need the hair’s natural oils, so try and use dry shampoo instead of washing it every day.” – Hatice Dag

summer tips for hair karine jackson hair and beauty salon in seven dials londonProtect Your Hair With A UVA Spray

“When on holiday use a UVA spray to protect your hair from the sun.  If you love swimming on holiday use a shampoo that removes salt water and chlorine.  I also recommend a hair mask as it helps lock in moisture to hair that’s been in the sun.” – Simon Hall


summer hair care karine jackson hair and beauty salon seven dials covent garden londonTry A New Summer Hairstyle!

“Go shorter! The bob is back… again… and looking to be a standout style for summer 2019. It’s moving away from a heavily textured, layered bob to a blunt, sharper finish! The length can be adjusted to suit face shape. Adding bluntness makes the hair look thicker! 

“Super straight hair is also looking to make an appearance again – love it or leave it. For some people this might mean having to use hot tools on the hair which obviously dries out the hair, so avoid if you can, but if not, remember to use heat protection spray. 
Embrace your hair’s natural texture!

“Accessorise! Clips, pins, bows and ribbons – oh my!! With the heat of summer, hair accessories are looking to be a great option to keep your hair up and out of your face, keeping you cooler and looking on trend. Hair accessories work with multiple looks and any style. Plus they make your hair look amazing!” – Alasdair Thomson

summer beauty tips karine jackson hair beauty salon seven dials londonLook After Your Skin!

“Moisturise:  Invest in a good moisturising facial mask and apply once a week. It will help to nourish dry skin and also keep it healthy.
“Exfoliate:  The summer dust and environmental damage can make your skin dull. Use a suitable scrub to cleanse your face and also use one on your body. It cleanses the pores but most importantly it allows for improved absorption of moisturising products and stimulates cellular renewal revealing a fresher skin.
“Use a nourishing toner:  Maintain the pH balance of your skin with Dermalogica’s Multi Active Toner. These ultra light toners with moisture binding humectants help retain moisture and condition the skin. It’s ideal to spritz over your make up during the day to freshen up and hydrate. Especially for those working in an air-conditioned environment.

“Use a cleanser: A cleanser is a handy thing to keep in your bag. The cleanser will help you to remove all the dirt and grime.

“Sunscreen: A sunscreen is a must-have in your handbag in summer.  Check the SPF to suit the summer sun in your city. Apply the sunscreen at least 30 minutes before you step out so that it has time to soak into your skin and protect your skin from the harmful rays. An even better idea is to apply one daily after your moisturiser.” – Liesl van Kervel