winter skin tips, facials at karine jackson hair & beauty salon in covent garden

Suffering From Dry Hands? Find Out Why!

Suffering From Dry Hands?  We Answer Your Questions at Karine Jackson Beauty Salon in Covent Garden

winter skin tips, facials at karine jackson hair & beauty salon in covent garden

Q. Why do I always suffer from dry hands in the Winter?

Dryness of the skin during the Winter is a very common problem. This is because the cold and dry air tends to strip the skin of its natural protective oils and moisture. When the cold lessens and the air becomes more humid, the skin dryness will often improve.

Q. Should I moisturise my hands more in the Winter?

Moisturise regularly! We can highly recommend Dermalogica Multivitamin hand and nail treatment. Its non-greasy formula is intensely conditioning and also minimises nail peeling and shields the skin against environmental damage. 

Heal your hands while you sleep by moisturising and then wearing cotton gloves. They offer protection and comforting care for the sensitive skin on your hands. You can leave them on overnight or throughout the day for lasting coverage and deep healing of irritated or dry skin.

Q. Should I use a specific hand wash in the Winter to help my dry skin?

Please use milder hand wash. We love “Method”  grapefruit. It smells amazing and is very soft on your skin.

Q. Are sanitisers okay to use in Winter?

Yes, but avoid hand sanitisers containing alcohol. 

Q. My hands feel really dry and sore in the winter, especially when I am doing housework.  What can I do to help?

Protect yourself with rubber gloves, especially when doing housework or gardening.

Q. Does exfoliating my hands help restore the moisture? 

Yes, don’t forget to exfoliate. You could use what’s left on your hands after a facial or body exfoliation.