New Swirl Hair Colour Technique

New Swirl Hair Colour Technique

NEW Swirl Technique for Hair Colour at Karine Jackson Hair Salon, Covent Garden

karine jackson hairdressing collectionThe team at Karine Jackson Hair & Beauty in Covent Garden have introduced the Swirl Technique, where we mix two colours together and swirl them around the hair for a bespoke colour – as subtle or as bold as you like.

Karine says: “For summer I’m loving a mix of rose blonde and gold shades using this technique as it’s still light and seasonal but much softer and very on-trend. Bright shades can often be harsh on certain skin tones, so opting for something much more golden and rosy is incredibly flattering.

“It’s a soft beautiful way of doing colour that we’ve done with other shades including blues. It can be any shade, it’s just a nice way of doing colour.”

If you’re going for a new colour, make sure you keep hair in the best condition possible as over-processing the hair can leave it damaged and dry.

Karine adds: “I love the Organic Colour Systems Revamp and Power Build in-salon treatments for keeping coloured hair vibrant this season.”

Book a consultation with one of the team today and we can create an entirely bespoke colour for you!

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