karine jackson

Preparing To Re-Open Our Salon!

karine jacksonTo all of our amazing clients during the Covid-19 isolation; first I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has reached out to us with their warm wishes.

I know it’s been a long time since I’ve written my blog. I have been personally responding to every email clients have sent which has taken all of the writing time!

Since 21 March the salon has been closed and the team have been furloughed. I quickly realised after the first few weeks that it was going to be months before we could reopen, and I want to assure you I have put this time to great use.

I’ve been doing a NatWest business accelerator program for which I secured a place just before lockdown – what perfect timing!

You receive business training from a broad spectrum and while it was tough to start I’m getting used to it now. I’ve also been in close contact with the team from my Global ambassador program sponsored by Vital Voices and Bank of America. The support from these 2 programs has guided me through these stressful and difficult months. I want to thank everyone who has helped, supported and kept my spirits up.

I’ve been in regular contact with Organic Colour Systems throughout and I know a lot of you have been relieved to be able to top up your hair colour with their amazing products during lockdown.

The nicest part of the week is staying in touch with my amazing team. We all pulled together making birthdays special with games, videos, long chats and lots of laughs. We have some very exciting news – we are delighted to announce Liesl and Shane are due to have their first baby in August, although we will be sad to not see Liesl again before she has the baby we wish them so much happiness and can’t wait to meet the new arrival and give Liesl a big hug (or foot bump, social distancing rules permitting…)

We’ve been doing lots of training to keep our skill levels up (and keep sane!) and I have also been teaching via webinars, including a  perming session with Capital that had over 300 attendees! I’m teaching another one for Alana Howard and HairFlair on Thursday June 25 for hairdressers keen to learn about perming on Curlformers.

I’ve also been presenting sustainable salon workshops and this is still very much at the forefront of my values.

I’ve had to look at every aspect of the business and make changes, so have treated it as though it was a new start up. And to top it off I have painted the salon myself, crazy I know and I will never ever do this again. There has been some down time going on lovely morning walks, and cycling into the salon to paint.

I loved the Grayson Perry Art class – if you didn’t see it I would highly recommend catch-up. You can see a couple of my sketches on instagram and of course the odd glass of champagne in the garden during zoom parties with friends and family.

A lot of clients have been requesting appointments for when we re-open and we can’t wait to get back to hairdressing and looking after you all.

I’ve been passing on the lovely messages to the team and they’re sending their best regards for you all.

I am not going to gloss it up, we are in tough times and I want to make sure our reopening is smooth both for you and for the team.  I’m hoping we’re going to be really busy and I want to make sure I get you all in for your hair appointments.  Appointment times have been extended to allow for sterilisation and your stylist will complete your service from start to finish with no one in between.

I hope you will understand the importance of making sure you don’t miss the appointment as this will be costly to the salon and we would have to retain your full payment.

We also kindly ask that if you can do non-peak time appointments or be flexible with times so we can fit everyone in, as some clients will have restricted times, we would really appreciate your help here.

The bare facts are we are going to have to do a lot of catching up financially to get back on track quickly, we will be calling 48 hours prior to your appointment to take your non refundable payment, so if you don’t think you’re going to be able to make the appointment let us know with as much notice as possible so we can use the space for another client waiting. 

We have also restructured the pricing system; we now have slots so you are paying for your stylist time and then colour used is measured and billed for by the amount used on the hair. Extra towels, gowns and gloves will be billed separately along with a PPE surcharge if you decide to use our PPE. I’ve spent a lot of time researching sustainable PPE as I am stressing about all the single use products that will be going into landfill reversing the one bit of good Covid 19 has done and that is reducing the pollution level.

The mask is made with 100% easy-dry material and can be used on its own as a non surgical mask or under another medical mask or cotton as a filter. It needs to be replaced every 4-5 hours or when it gets moist. We’ve broken down all the costs and have tried to keep the new pricing as low as possible but I’m sure you will understand we cannot run at a loss.

The team are going to work split shifts due to social distancing, hours will be limited as will the number of people allowed in the salon at any one time, we will try to ensure we get you all in as quickly and as near to the time that suits you best as possible.

We want to reassure you all that we will be taking every step to ensure the team and our clients will be safe in the salon and will be following Government guidelines on reopening.

More than anything we want to say thank you for your support and thank you in advance for your continued support.