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How Does The Menopause Affect Hair?

The Menopause & Your Hair – Karine Jackson Hair & Beauty Salon in Covent Garden, London

With menopause comes a drop in oestrogen and progesterone and an increase in androgen, making hair grow more slowly and appear much thinner. While the hair on your head grows more slowly and appears to have less volume, you’ll often find that facial hairs are in full bloom!

Vitamin B has been known to help create red blood cells which carry oxygen to scalp and follicles and Vitamin D (which we don’t get a year round natural supply of in the UK) is also linked to hair growth, so we really recommend Viviscal Professional Hair Growth tablets. They are clinically proven as a 100% drug free dietary supplement for fuller thicker hair. 

Frizzy, wiry, unruly hair?

Try not to wash your hair, make sure you’re using treatments regularly.

Dry, itchy scalp?

Give your hair a good brush to get the blood flowing around the scalp before you shampoo – it’s a simple thing to do that we often forget and it is honestly so good for your scalp.

OCS Soothe Plus is great to calm the scalp down.

Dry, brittle hair?

You really need to nourish your hair a lot but don’t just reach for the oil, as these will sit on top of the hair and just mask the problem. Instead, to really moisture into the scalp, cream treatments are better as they soak into the cuticle, then it’s  ok to put a good quality argan oil over the top of the cream treatment which will lock the treatment into the hair shaft.

Night sweats?

These can play havoc on your hair; if you have curly or wavy hair you might want to think about wearing a style that works with the wave. If you have fine limp hair this will be more of a problem, you can have a soft volume wave in the hair to give it more body and stop it from looking flat on your head.