Karine Jackson’s Floodlighting Technique

Hair colour that looks like there’s a light shining from within…at Karine Jackson Hairdressing

floodlighting hair colour at Karine Jackson hairOrganic colour specialist and former London hairdresser of the year Karine Jackson is launching her latest colouring technique in salon.

Floodlighting is the ideal technique for aging and grey hair as it gives an all over colour with an even tone, which looks softer on the skin. It involves doing all over colour and then placing high lift blonde (either freehand or with foils) whilst the colour is processing.

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“This technique draws out the tone in certain places to create an entirely bespoke shade. For example with a dark brown, I’m able to bring out gold tones; with a chocolate, you can bring out red tones and it’s great for making blondes really pop. It’s all about making the colour look like there’s a light shining from within,” says Karine.

“As you get older, darker dense colours can dull the skin giving an aging appearance so this is a way of lighting the hair from within to bring radiance. This technique also helps with regrowth as it softens the difference between the grey and colour.”

In salon, Karine uses Organic Colour Systems colour, which contains the lowest possible level of PPD (this is the ingredient which makes colour permanent). Karine recommends the brand for those with greying hair for the most natural coverage.

“For greying hair I always recommend OCS No Limits range for a blended translucent coverage or the main line of permanent OCS colour which gives a full coverage,” she says.

Hair Colour services in London at Karine Jackson cost between £45 and £240, depending on colourist level.

Former London Hairdresser of the Year Karine Jackson holds the prestigious L’Oreal Colour Specialist Degree, putting her in the top 1% of L’Oreal Colourists in the UK, but now specialises in ammonia-free organic colouring about which she is hugely passionate. Her clients include actresses Rachel McDowall (Mamma Mia, The Producers), Shelley Conn (Mistresses, Marchlands, Terra Nova), and Neve Campbell, as well as BBC One Show presenter and renowned eco journalist Lucy Siegle, and presenters Sam Mann and Margherita Taylor.