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How To Be ‘Greener’

Green Tips – Let’s Get Sustainable!

Karine Jackson shares her top tips on how to be a little greener when it comes to our everyday lives.

•        Start with the little things with your team. I got them all water bottles and reusable coffee cups they can no longer bring plastic water bottles or single use coffee cups into the salon.

•        We look at the tea bags we served. As a lot contain plastic we want to eventually move to tea leaves but we will change over as we restock.

•        Change to LED lighting.

•        We don’t run the heating all day.

•        We swapped to a Brita built in filter which serves hot, cold and sparkling water.

•        Pack your lunch or go to stores where you can take your own packaging.

•        Become a recover stockist.

•        Reuse, refill, recycle.