Going From Brunette To Blonde

How To Go From Brunette To Blonde With Help From the Colour Experts At Karine Jackson Hair Salon, Covent Garden

Colouring Dark Hair

Colouring your hair too dark and densely will age you, so go for a more translucent colour or a little fleck of grey which is less ageing than heavy dense colour. We use Organic Colour Systems which naturally gives a more translucent finish; it’s gentle on the hair, softens it and looks subtle and fresh. Over-colouring your hair so it goes frizzy will also age you. As your hair ages, any little greys can be a different texture and need more moisture.

Make sure your colourist is not taking the colour through to the ends every time. It’s important to use a good treatment for condition. Get yourself into a little routine with a weekly treatment. Your stylist should be able to do a stretch test (where we take a strand of hair and stretch it to see if it springs back or breaks) to let you know if your needs more protein or if it needs moisture, and then recommend the right home care for you.

Taking the hair from black to blonde is one of the hardest colour changes you can do! It’s a lengthy process, taking months to achieve and really does dry the hair so it’s not something I would recommend attempting in a short space of time. One of the biggest problems I find is getting clients to understand why the process is so long! Another problem is if you have any form of ash in your hair; whatever colour you put on to try and neutralise will come out a mucky ash shade no matter what – you have to have the ash cleansed out of the hair.