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Curly Hair Do’s & Don’ts

Karine Jackson’s Dos and Dont’s of Working With Curly Hair 

curly hair cuts, karine jackson hair salon, covent gardenRest assured your curly hair is in good hands from the moment you walk into Karine Jackson Hair Salon in Seven Dials.  We know how to cut and treat your curly or wavy hair to ensure it sits beautifully and is easy to manage.  Check out the dos and don’ts that all our stylists fully understand when it comes to handling your curly locks!

DO assess the hair in its natural form before cutting it. Everyone’s curls work differently. In our salon we take on board the natural form of the hair and we generally cut the first section of the service dry before washing the hair and reassessing.

DON’T move the curl too much once you’ve washed it. Once rinsed let it dry totally naturally, this will let the curl form while hanging free.

DO detangle hair with a high quality conditioner before rinsing.

DO recommend a Hairflair silk scarf for clients to wrap around their hair or drape over their pillow to sleep; the 100% natural silk will absorb the moisture so that on waking up, hair isn’t frizzy.

DON’T brush the hair once it’s washed.

DO apply a good curl product to wet hair to stop frizz such as Organic Colour Systems’ Keep Curl Memory Gel to create dynamic curl memory and bounce.

Different Types of Curly Hair

There are different types of curly hair, ranging from loose waves to tight curls.

Tousled light waves – this curl type is a little bit drier, broken up, a bit more unkempt and randomly placed. I would add long layers into the hair to give more tousled pieces and frame around the face to accentuate the face shape. Avoid hard lines with this curl type.

Thicker textured S-shaped waves – this hair tends to look more drawn out and doesn’t form a full loop – it’s just a bend. This lends itself to a more structured hair cut which can be cut into layers to complement your face shape. The base of the hair should be kept more solid. This is also a great curl for long hair with no layers. Brush it out, and blow dry on a round brush.

Larger, bouncy, loose curls – This is a full curl where your hair will loop right round and have lots of air and movement in it.  You can create a more freestyle cut this type of hair because you can see where each curl is sitting individually. It doesn’t need a lot of styling either – simply wet the hair through, get the curl into position and let it dry naturally from wet or diffuse really gently, moving the hair as little as possible. This curl works best on heavy layers as you can get a real definition of curl – the layers allow the curls to stack and bounce.