Curly Hair Do’s & Don’ts

Curly Hair Do’s and Don’t from Karine Jackson Hair Salon in Covent Garden, London 

DO assess the hair in its natural form before cutting it. Everyone's curls work differently. In our salon we take on board the natural form of the hair and we generally cut the first section of the service dry, then we will wash the hair.

DON'T move the curl too much once you’ve washed it. Once rinsed let it dry totally naturally, this will let the curl form while hanging free.

DO detangle with conditioner on before rinsing.

DO use Curlformers by Hairflair on clients to redefine curls, or with delicate hair that won’t appreciate direct heat; they work by setting the hair into place and can also be used to reshape curls on clients who aren’t happy with the way they fall naturally. You can dry them gently with a hood.

DO recommend a Hairflair silk scarf for clients to wrap around their hair or drape over their pillow to sleep; the 100% natural silk will absorb the moisture so that on waking up, hair isn’t frizzy.

DON’T brush the hair once it’s washed.

DO use a Hairflair softhood for heat conditioning; for curls that need reconditioning, apply a low heat activated hair masque under the washable hood.

DO apply a good curl product to wet hair to stop frizz, I like Organic Colour Systems' Keep Curl Memory Gel to create dynamic curl memory and bounce.