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Bright Crazy Hair Colours At London's Top Hairdressers - Karine Jackson Sustainable Hair Salon, Covent Garden

Bring some sunshine into your life with a fabulous fashion hair colour at Karine Jackson Sustainable Hair Salon in Covent Garden, London!  We really can create all the colours of the rainbow using natural, ethical and cruelty-free hair colours from Organic Colour Systems. 

While the trend for crazy colours tends to be more popular with our younger clients, there's no reason women of all ages can't give it a go.  After all, it was actress Dame Helen Mirren who stole the headlines a few years ago when she wowed us at the age of 67 by rocking her pink hair on the red carpet!

Even better news, having a new fashion hair colour does not need to break the bank.  These temporary hair colours are affordable and a wonderful introduction to pastel hair shades or bright hair colours as they wash out over time.  

crazy hair colours karine jackson hair salon covent garden london

Affordable Fashion Hair Colours At Karine Jackson Hair Salon In Seven Dials, London

At Karine Jackson Sustainable Hair Salon in London we LOVE using the gorgeous hair colours from Organic Colour Systems.  These hair shades are ethical and cruelty-free, established with the health of your hair in mind.

The No Limits range from Organic Colour Systems is perfect if you want a fashion hair colour that helps you to stand out from the crowd.  These colours are naturally nourishing and come in a wide range of semi-permanent hair colours including pastel shades and bright colours.  With these semi-permanent hair colours we can create some great shades without you having to commit to a permanent change!  

Pastel Hair Colours & Bright Hair Shades At London's Best Hair Salon

As you probably already know, we are doing all we can to be a sustainable salon and would love more salons to follow suit as we become a better, healthier salon industry.  So if you are looking for a fab new hair colour - whether it's a crazy colour, bright hair colour, gorgeous blonde highlights or a beautiful balayage - we can do this naturally, ethically and without compromising on the end result!

Get The Look: No Limits Crazy Hair Colours At Karine Jackson Hairdressers in London's Covent Garden

If you are looking for a wonderful new hair colour, let us give you the lowdown on our No Limits colour range.  We have 12 shades which are inter-mixable and include orange, yellow, pink, red, green, violet... and more!   These colours can last up to 30 washes but that very much depends on the colour you choose and your hair type.  Your Karine Jackson hair colour specialist will be able to advise you. With a natural conditioning and protein-rich base the No Limits range uses direct dyes and can therefore be used without peroxiding your hair first.  No Limits are also ideal for clients who are sensitive to oxidative pigments such as PPD, PTD and PTDS.

Book A Hair Colour Consultation At Karine Jackson Sustainable Hair Salon In London

If you are looking to change your hair colour, please book in for a hair colour consultation with one of our colour specialists.  We will be delighted to talk through the colour options with you and can discuss the look you desire, assess your hair, and give you a no-obligation price for the look you desire.  Our consultations cost between £10 - £22.50 depending on the stylist you would like. We carry out these consultations via Zoom and they are in depth and comprehensive, allowing us to look at your hair type, condition and history, and what can realistically be achieved with your hair to give the best results possible.  Give us a call on  020 7836 0300 so we can begin your hair colour journey today.