Black History Month 2021

My Sisters Collection

Wednesday 20th October 2021 saw the launch of the ‘My Sisters' collection here at Karine Jackson Sustainable Hair in Covent Garden. Created by Jacqueline Kankam-Hoppe, one of our Graduate Stylists who is a woman of colour herself, and a rising star in the styling world, My Sisters was developed to acknowledge Black History Month and, in Jacqueline’s words, ‘celebrates sisterhood, togetherness, love and escapism’.

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The launch was hosted by Karine in conjunction with Good Salon Guide Pro and was attended by a range of people from the hair industry, tutors from Central Hair London where Jacqueline trained and her colleagues, friends and family.

After some initial mingling champagne and canapes alongside viewing of the collection which was mounted on the salon walls; guests were treated to a recital of ‘Not Just Hair’, a poem by talented Mountview drama student Bethlehem Wolday-Myers, about her personal relationship with Afro hair, which can be found below.  Following this, Jacqueline gave a brief speech about the inspiration for the collection and the meaning behind it.  For more information about the collection, click here. Caroline from Good Salon Guide did a brief speech highlighting their work and outlining the benefits of being a professionally rated salon as well as launching their new Black Hair Excellence award, currently only held by Karine Jackson Sustainable Hair and Errol Douglas London.  The presentations concluded with thanks from Karine and praise for Jacqueline.

This is only the beginning however – with several awards under her belt during her apprenticeship, expect to see more from this talented hair stylist.

Not Just Hair

Snapped hair bands
I always need a few
To contain and scrape back
My unruly, curly, untamed
The crown and glory
Speaks volumes to my story
Once burnt and cut
So I could feel like I was one
Of the many, pretty white girls
Their long and straight hair
Made me feel it was unfair
They could style it with ease
Whereas every morning
I sat between knees
Oiled and slicked scalp
Furrows of cornrows
One big Black cloud
Tied tightly and hidden
So I could blend with the crowd
I now honour the fact
That my ancestry’s loud
In the curls that I carry 
Pride is what I feel
When I see my sisters natural
Small tight coils 
Usually 4C girls
S shaped springs 
For my 3B kings
Locs and twists
Braids and wigs
Black girls
Black people
Creative and spectacular 
Bold and beautiful
Our hair is not just hair
Tender and soft at the touch
Creams, oils, puddings
To maintain and protect 
Our sweet smelling 
Aromatic Afros
Bonnets, hair wraps, du rags
Silk scarves and satin pillowcases
The finest art
Must be handled with care