My Sisters by Jacqueline Kankam-Hoppe

My Sisters

Black hair is not just 'textured hair', Black hair is our identity, it is our crown that we never take off. 

From our 3a's all the way to our 4c's, every single strand of hair represents who we are. 

Black hair is not a commodity, but our lineage. 

This collection is titled 'My Sisters', celebrating sisterhood, togetherness, love and escapism. 

During slavery, black women would plan routes to escape the plantation sites by braiding patterns into their hair so that they could meet up at a rendezvous.

Each and every hair design was created with the concept of escapism in mind. For example, every dreadlock was intricately looped to form patterns on a tree. The designs in the cornrows and bantu knots depicts the paths - crossings, bridges and lakes whiles the Afro symbolises freedom at the end of the road. 

The choice of white attire links to my Ghanaian culture. I am of Ashanti tribe, and Ashanti people, (Asante fuo), wear black and white when someone passes away to celebrate their life. Because of this, I decided to go with the white tops to pay respect to all of the heroic souls that lost their lives during slavery. The white also signifies purity and a brighter, more optimistic tomorrow. I decided that all of my models would wear gold accessories because they are often worn to show wealth, class and power in Africa. 

Gold is mostly worn by royalty in Ghana, and so I wanted my sisters to wear gold to show off their roots and to emphasise that our hair is our royalty: not a commodity, but our lineage.