Weekend Trips & Awards Wins!


I want to start with a tribute to Sean Nolan from the HOB Company whose life was devastatingly cut short and it’s really rocked me. I recently lost my Grandmother in the knowledge that she lived a full life. Sean was only in his 30s and at the prime of his life. He was a lovely person and will truly be missed; my thoughts are with his team at HOB and his family.

I’m now back from Australia. and as well as a busy salon day I had to nip down to the government offices for an apprentices route panel meeting.

In the evening I was at the launch of ANTI, a product range set up by a fellow Aussie Francesco Ruggerino; I wish you all the success in your new adventure. It was held in the cool venue Noho studio; I’d only landed the night before so it was all a little hazy. They launched with a brilliant film and images from Rankin who was one of the guests along with Nick Irwin global artistic director for Anti and Project leader for the Fellowship for British Hairdressing F.A.M.E team who were also there along with other great names in the industry Tina Farey, Errol Douglas and Jack Eames to name a few.

Friday, totally jet lagged, Anne Marie, Jackie and I set off for Rome.

Now I love Rome – the food, the people, just walking about the city. On this occasion it was a bit of a disaster. I had bid on the hotel in an auction for a great charity, Meningitis Now. I was very happy to pay a bit extra to support this great charity. What has upset me is the auction company that supplied the so called 4* hotel, Globexpert Fundraising. They auctioned the hotel as 4* in Rome, but personally I don’t call a 25 min taxi ride to the centre a hotel in Rome, plus they were playing it fast and loose with the term 4*. I’ll add a photo of the shower, and I paid extra for a suite with a balcony, so we could have a little girly weekend. WOW! A little one seater sofa bed squashed into an already small room is not what I call a suite. The first room they offered didn’t have the balcony and the suite was the same one-seater pullout sofa bed in a hall to the entrance of the room – seriously!! And don’t start me on the bathroom, it was like a caravan, and if you were over a certain size there is no way you would get into the shower let alone use the toilet.

This company Globexpert Fundraising has a lot to answer to. Miss-selling this hotel that would be lucky to have a star is distasteful at a charity event. The shock on my face when we walked in – I was so embarrassed, I had treated my friends to a dump.

All that aside we had a lovely time, we ate great food, drank lots and walked for miles all whilst struggling with my jet lag and the rain.

I can recommend 2 great restaurants though, That’s Amore near the Trivia fountain and Ai Bozzi which was recommended by one of the many cab drivers we had, it was so good we went twice.

We had a good laugh on a whole in between the pouring rain and we just anaesthetised ourselves with lush cocktails before we went back to the horrible hotel.

Back to reality, it had been a bank holiday weekend, the week was spent catching up and working my busy column.

Sam celebrated 9 years in the salon; she is a great asset to the Karine Jackson brand and to me, thanks Sam.

Wednesday evening I was at the Ivy Soho, treated to a lovely evening with some really great people, Roan from Phorest was a pleasure to talk to and his insight into social media and marketing was great.

So much for a quiet week. I never leave at my intended set time, WHY?

Thursday evening Jackie and I had our traditional late night send off prior to going somewhere- she was off to Croatia to launch Donna and Gary’s boat the Carlyle.

Friday evening I had a weekend to myself, my first at home in a very long time. So what should I do? I know – clear out my wardrobe… (I should have realised this was a 2 day job.) I do feel much better for it. Total organisation. I was getting a bit stir crazy at the end of the weekend so I invited the boys for Sunday lunch. I popped over to the food market in Victoria Park Sunday morning and stocked up with some fab seasonal food. Before lunch we popped over to the pet store on Amherst Rd. This was an experience – a very weird pet store with some very cute kittens. We got 3 new fish, I will get to the naming of them in a minute. And I don’t want to talk about the 4 that I saved the night before my President’s Night… Let’s just say they are no more.

I made a fab mezzo for starters and finished with Asparagus puree toped with scallops, yum yum.

It was a great afternoon sipping Margaritas in the garden on a stunning day.

Monday was the first Fellowship council meeting since stepping down as president so it felt a bit weird. I think this was only the 3rd meeting missed in the last 10 years but luckily I was so fully booked I didn’t get to dwell on it.

Wednesday morning I was invited to a breakfast presentation at VIVI restaurant by Tottenham Court Rd. The food was amazing (I am never going to be a thin person) and I was there to see the launch of Hair Gain – it was a great presentation.

Friday evening Ann had booked us ticket to see a modern Ballet at Sadlers Wells; I really enjoyed the production. It was 3 pieces by the Rambert Company McGregor/ Motin/ Shechter.

We met 2 of the dancers after in the bar and had a great chat with them.

Saturday I had a lovely wander down Broadway market running into a few people I knew. I love feeling like a local in London.

Then it was Wylder time, this is Jackie’s 4-year-old granddaughter. We had a great fun but so tiring, so an early bedtime on Saturday night followed by an early rise Sunday morning and by 11 am (the time I had to leave for Colour World), we had built a pirate ship in my bedding, made 8 glitter pirate hats and named 2 of our new fish Betty and Marnie. Sadly we can’t see the 3rd.

I was exhausted.

It was then off to Colour World at MC Motors in Dalston, what a great event. I arrived in plenty of time only to realise I had left my shoes. OMG I had to run back to get my shoes.

It was Hackney marathon and boy did I run it.

Jackie met me on London Fields; I sprinted to get back in time and of course 5 mins before hitting my destination the heavens opened so I was steaming, wet and hot. I arrived a couple of mins late to find out my time slot was the next day. CAN YOU BELIVE IT!

I was meeting Errol at 2pm so it was ok. We had a good look around, it was extremely inspirational. Then we went for a late lunch at a fab Turkish restaurant; Adam was with us and took control of the ordering and we were not disappointed.

It was still a couple of hours before we were due back for the first ColourWorld awards. So we sat outside Tipsy and had cocktails, industry friends were walking by and a few joined us including my PR, Sally from Gloss Communications.

It was great fun, the Bar-person and another couple sitting there said we were like magnets to people walking by and created a great fun vibe.

We went onto the awards leaving Errol and a few others behind. It was a great night, I won the Colour Genius People’s Choice award for my image, thank you to everyone who voted.

Sally also made an appearance on stage and might I say she rocked the runway collecting the Commercial Colour Genius trophy for Jack Howard who was teaching in Dublin and couldn’t be there.

Now as always I should go home but it was a beautiful evening, my hairy friends were all out and it would be rude not to have a little celebration. Jokingly I said we could go back to Tipsy, Errol might still be there and what do you know he was. It was a fantastic evening with Tracy Devine-Smith, Jamie Stevens and his lovely team, the team from Oway, Carolyn Newman, Jo O’Neil and many others, the cocktails were great along with the staff who coped well with 25 crazy hairdressers. I would recommend anyone in the area to go to Tipsy Kingsland Rd.

I love a spontaneous evening – you would not have been able to pull this group together if you tried, lots of networking and laughs.

Turkey had won a big football event and the street stopped to celebrate with cars tooting, fireworks, and then a car stopped and pulled out a sound system- it was brilliant! No one in the cars behind seemed to care and the kids and adults were all dancing in the street.


A little heavy headed, the next day it was back to Colour World to do a talk on sustainability in the salon to a packed room – I really enjoyed it, thank you Nicky for inviting me to talk.


Well that has you up to date, enjoy the rest of May.


Ps forgot to mention, i am really excited to be short listed for the Salon Business Awards.