It’s Time To Think Sustainably


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Well, here I am, heading to San Diego. This is the first time I have been able to sit and relax in about ten days…I know, you’re not feeling sorry for me! If you are, don’t. This has been one massive but exciting life trip.

The Unite teams are all on board with Catherine for Creative Head, alongside Akesha from HJ, and Megan from Pro Hair.


Today is the climate change strike, so I definitely have mixed feelings about being on a plane right now! By the time I get to post this blog the climate strike will be long over, but I have to mention it as it’s so important. Thank you to all my friends and family posting from the marches, I love looking at them. We need to let world leaders know this is our planet too, and we actually do care about it.

I’d also love to thank everyone for the overwhelming response I have received from my industry regarding the #plasticisnotfantastic campaign I am currently on. The amount of people approaching me to ask what they can do to help is so exciting!

Please follow my Instagram, @karinemjackson. I am going to help find the answers to all the questions I have been asked about what we can do to make a change (and there is a lot you can do!). Don’t hesitate to ask and I promise I will answer everyone.

I’ve never been more excited or passionate about something as I am for this movement. Everything counts, and working together, I promise we can take on all the world leaders.


I do want to make it clear that I am not giving up my day job or lifestyle, both of which I love. I just want to improve it; I want to 

think differently.

For those who follow me on Instagram, you will know I had a minor run-in with a family member over what they called my ‘latest crusade’. You’ll be very pleased to know that this week, this family member stated (very proudly) before the Climate Change March, that we do need to do something about climate change- YES WE DO! And thank you for listening, and doing your own research.


Recently the discussions around our table have been heavy with politics, and yes, I agree we need to discuss Brexit and the ‘clowns’ ruling our country for their own profit, but none of this will even matter if we don’t deal with the issues of climate change, drowning in plastic, forest fires, the list goes on.

I was so pleased to notice that around our table in the past couple of evenings the topic of sustainability has crept in.

One thing that is on my mind is swapping plastic, and going too much towards the use of bamboo, which could create another problem. I want us all to think about what we really need to do here. I don’t have all the answers, but working together will help us to start to build a plan.

When thinking about single use plastic, especially whilst on the plane, I challenge whether airlines think about what plastic they are serving. They would save a large proportion of money let alone the planet if they got customers to bring their own reusable cups and stop running water. Does that cup need to go in the dishwasher after

 use every time, or could you use it all day? I could really go on forever here, and I will, one blog at a time.


Now, what have I been up to?


Let’s start from yesterday. It was the wonderful ‘Sam Sam Techno Man’s’ 30th birthday! We had a fun dinner at Broadway Market’s Hill and Szrok back at home, for lots of giggles before I had to finish packing. Sam, you are an amazing human and I am so happy to have been there throughout your life. May the next 30 years be just as magical.


Going backwards now to Wednesday, we met up with Jeff for his birthday dinner, with celebrations at the Dove, which is also on Broadway Market. Happy Birthday Jeff! I’m definitely in birthday season.

Whilst I am flying, Clover turns 8. I won’t get to talk to her, but we had a lovely chat this morning whilst I was getting ready. I have sent over a really special present this year. My nana, who recently passed away, gave me some unicorn earrings she brought back from America. I was never a unicorn person, but I loved them as they came from the USA, and 40 years on I can give them to someone special whom I know will love them; Clover is a unicorn fan.


So, this week has been filled with family, friends, and a whole lot of work.

Not sure which way to tell this, front ways, backwards, I think it must be the altitude and red wine going to my head, but I’ve decided to go right back to the beginning where I left off last time.


My good friend Clair came up from Brighton to keep me company whilst Jacki was away. Jeff also popped over, so I cooked another lot of famous ‘DJ BBQ Burgers’, and I have to say it was world champion AMAZING! I had a battle with the butchers to get them to mince the prime meat I wanted, but we got there in the end. I can’t say the cooking instructions didn’t warn me that this might happen.


We had the Fellow for British Hairdressing F.A.M.E Team Semi Finals, which was nail biting for all involved! Good luck in October for the final.


I met with Errol for a brilliant catch up at the New Standard Hotel in Kings Cross. It was lovely, but I felt there were too many people greeting at the door, which was too ‘in your face’. The food was lovely, but not really put together well, the music was cool, but wrong spot for it; the list really does go on.


During the weekend we were at Arjan’s 50th, which was a great night, and I loved having Julie over for a sleepover.


The next week was relatively quiet. I have been struggling with bad headaches, which I think is from my posture, but I am working on it. The salon was busy, but still not enough staff. I do want to say a huge thank you to the amazing team I have. Your loyalty is amazing, and I’d personally love to invite anyone (you don’t have to be a hairdresser), to come along for an interview. This is a great life and career, and we can teach you the ropes. My heart breaks for all the people being made redundant from other high street businesses lie Thomas Cook – seriously, come join us in hairdressing, we need you!


The next week went by smoothly with lots of planning on Friday evening after work. Chris, Doug, Jacki and I headed up to Liverpool for the weekend. What a great city! It was really friendly, easy to get round, and had beautiful architecture. We were there to see the Keith Haring exhibition, which I really enjoyed. He was all about community projects, which were fantastic. It’s such a shame we lost him so young. My favourite part was the community art room after the exhibition, where everyone could create together.

We went to Penny Lane for Doug and my Dad, who’s a massive Beatles fan. (I secretly wanted to go too.) We had a great time with the local hockey team, and they were so friendly and extremely funny.

The next morning Jacki and I sat in the mall and watched people go by, what a great way to get to know the city. I must admit I’d love a salon here. Everyone is so groomed and the industry is booming, it was sensational.

We walked up the hill before leaving to see two cathedrals that were recommended. I have to say it was stunning, with sculptures of the modern Catholic Church and grandeur of the Anglican architecture facing each other from the top of the hill.


This week was busy. I was booked solid with clients, alongside preparing for our sustainability event for press and clients. First of all, thank you to my team and Sally and Georgia at Gloss Communications for all your hard work, it was such a brilliant night. We involved local businesses such as Redemption Bar, Bare Minerals, Atelier Cologne, Beauty Kitchen, Caci, Organic Colour Systems and the wonderful Lucy Siegle who spoke about her book Turning the Tide on Plastic. I loved the evening, and felt our message was spread a bit further as we brought a community of sustainable businesses together, all with the same goals.


The next morning we were up early and off to the Phoenix Garden for the annual fete. I have to say I am a little disappointed in our local resident community for not supporting this brilliant event. Only 150 people came through the gate, which was an extreme shame.

After the fete, we were back at mine for a 3am finish. I thought this would be okay, but I had a flight in the morning. I was up in time to speak with Bruno whilst Julie had a nice relaxing breakfast. Then Errol called, “I’m at the airport”, WHAT?! I was still only getting dressed, so my timing was completely off. I rushed out the door immediately, and I would have still made the flight if it hadn’t been for the Hackney Festival. No buses, no cabs, so I ran to the tube where after 30 minutes I changed at Holbourn. Unfortunately there wasn’t a train for another 10 minutes. I didn’t think I was going to make it, but

to my surprise I was at the airport 30 minutes before the flight. However, due to the chaos of BA strikes, my ticket was a goner. I did manage however to get onto another flight, and arrived to Glasgow with just enough time to throw my dress on and attend the #SHABA Awards. Congratulations to all the winners and Joanne Reed for the fantastic event; I love the Scots!

Now, you’d think, busy weekend already, go to bed after the awards but OH NO. Off to the party we went, 20 up downs, squats, or what the young people call ‘slut drops’ on the dance floor. I was having a great time! Julie it was you and the tequila, I just couldn’t say no.

I would say around 4am we got to bed. The next more I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t actually move. Whatsapp messages then came through to remind me, oh no! It took 3 days before I could even walk up or down the stairs properly again.

Julie, Errol and I had a wonderful train journey home. I love the train so much more than flying. Also, if I’m honest, Julie and I had a sneaky Bloody Mary before getting on.

So, I thought I would get home and have an early night before the busy week commenced…but I was very wrong. Halfway through the journey, Errol and Julie convinced me to go to the British Hairdressing Business Awards. I didn’t have another dress, so into the toilet I went, same dress back on. Life is glamorous…NOT! But don’t get me wrong it was a wonderful evening, brilliant work Jayne and the team at HJI. Thank you to Salon Services for inviting me to sit on their table.


The following week was action filled, with Jordan and Gary’s birthdays!


I met with Nicola Shannon from Professional Hairdresser. We have something really exciting coming up so watch this space and make sure to get your ticket for Pro Hair Live in Manchester.JMD LFW19 842


After a busy day at work on Wednesday we met with Grace at Le Beaujolais. I hadn’t seen Grace since she returned from her world travels. Grace is such an amazing person. I was in awe and if I’m honest, a little jealous. Young, travelling, and making the most of it and Happy Birthday to you! I’m so sorry I didn’t make your party (I shall explain why in a moment).

On Thursday I met up with Jim, my sister Michelle’s father-in-law, who came all the way from Banff in Canada. It was so nice to walk along the Southbank and chat away. We stopped at a traditional London pub, even though the fatigue had set in for us both.


Friday was an extremely busy day in the salon, so thank goodness I could feel my legs again finally! After a long day, I headed to the Julien MacDonald studio to work on the looks for the LFW show on Monday.


Before heading to Bournemouth I met Donna, Ruth, Tolly and George for a late lunch. Sunday morning was a 7am start, working with mentors for the Inspired Shoot for Organic Colour Systems. What a wonderful team, well done Aimee, Nicole and Cleo, I really enjoyed the day.

I can’t say I enjoyed the journey back on an overcrowded train. Although I’m always happy to speak to anyone if they have something to say, the man opposite had nothing to speak about other than ‘me, me, me’! He even said people didn’t speak to him anymore, but my God, I’m not really surprised, I’d take social media over that conversation any day. When I asked how long we had left on the train mid journey, he said an hour and 15 minutes; the person across from me looked up from her book and giggled. By the time he had sunk 8 more beers he was even more boring.


Finally I got home at 10:30pm, sleep, sleep, sleep. Even so, I had another early start in order to set 100 wigs on Curlformers for the Julien MacDonald LFW Show, before running over to the Hair Magazine Awards. Thank you for my Colour Expert Award. It was a lovely event at The Swan in The Globe, Southbank. I chatted to a lot of other hairdressers about perm training as well – I’m telling you, it’s a huge service at the salon! I’ve been interviewed by Harper’s Bazaar about it this week, if you’re a client and want to book or a hairdresser and want to learn – get in touch!


As I pushed my kit bag along, I said to myself ‘this is a glamorous life’. My PR Sally says, “let’s get a picture of you to show people the other side of FW.” I then get a call letting me know I wasn’t even carrying my own kit bag. Oops, sorry James, I was so tired I took the wrong bag…


The backstage madness then began at the Julien MacDonald show where I was heading up the team for  hair sponsors Curlformers by HairFlair. At one point I had a person underneath me painting a model’s toenails, Ashleigh was passing me Curlformers, make up was being done, cameras were clicking; all within a 1sq meter space! We were all working extremely hard, and the end result was fabulous. There were a couple of supermodels walking the runway and the hair was super glam – big waves teamed with a modern take on the bouffant.


I haven’t done Fashion Week for a while, and although it was a great buzz, I think that will be it for another year. There was no way I was going to make the after party or anything else by this point. I finished up there at about 11:30pm, and crashed as soon as I got home. Grace, this is why I couldn’t make your party!


Tuesday was another busy day at work fitting clients in before flying to San Diego. I also did a wonderful podcast for What Salon- look out for it!

Then it was the Unite Shows in San Diego. I met up with Gail who won VIP tickets to see the show, and hung out with my sister who flew down after I finished work. I was concerned about travelling on Climate Strike Day, but I feel I have spread the message a little more, and I am about to embark on some great collaborations that strive towards more sustainable ways of working.


I also wanted to congratulate the Unite Team; what a well organize

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d, informative, fun event. The assistants were out of this world as well as the models, and the hair team was fantastic. I have made some great new friends, and reconnected with old. Although the shows were hard work, singing in the prep room and laughter made it all extremely enjoyable. If work was like this all the time I would be one very happy person.

The feedback has been phenomenal. We were able to get our message out about sustainability and how we need to strive forward to create inspiring hair.

Thank you for inviting me Dale, I loved every minute.

My sister managed to fly down early and come backstage to see the show. We also went to the pre-Halloween party, that although she wasn’t keen on going to, I think ended up having more fun than me. It was in a very cool nightclub called PARQ, and was a shame I had a 7am start the next day. I needed some control, GAIL!

What can I say about San Diego? I love it. We went everywhere from Pacific Beach to Coronado Island with a new friend we made called Sammy. We went for a swim, and after getting a ferry, took a Tuktuk to the most delicious Mexican place. I quickly showered before we headed over to La Jolla, where we were recommended a place called George’s at the cove for sunset. We spoke with Brendon and his son, who I have to say, for 22 years old has so 

much knowledge on sustainability. He really was a joy to listen to, and I can’t wait to do more with them. The food was sensational, and the stunning sunset brought a tear to my eye.

With all that done, I was in bed by 9:30pm last night as I was so exhausted, (but very happy!).

Michelle and I are going to have some quality time today before heading back to London where the shows and work will continue at this pace. I am ready.

Enjoy life, and think sustainably.