Summer time

kj 15 1Well the start of summer was hot hot hot hot. Not so much now...

On the 38.6’ day we had our annual stock take, not wanting to get onto the Central line at anytime during the heat, I was cycling to and from work and actually I am still cycling home and loving it. I set out at 7am and at a red traffic light had a funny chat with a slightly overweight middle aged man, who looked up trying to catch his breath and sweating like you wouldn’t believe - I was scared he was going to have a heart attack. He said “are we mad cycling,” looking at him I said, "hmmmmm maybe, but it’s nowhere near as bad as being on the central line right now." He smiled and happily cycled off.

By 8am the stock take was well on the way.

Before I started clients at 11am we needed more fans (being a sustainable salon, no air-con, well actually 12 years ago we were rejected by building control as a grade 2 listed building...) It was a quick march to get new fans and set them up. For the next 7 hours I didn’t stop, being fully booked with one client after another. It was so hot, when would it stop?!

That evening we had tickets for the production of A Midsummer Night's Dream at Bridge Theatre at Tower Bridge, directed by Nicholas Hytner.

I thought great! 20 mins sitting in an air-con Uber to get there and then sitting in an air –con theatre.

OMG! No way the streets were grid locked, it was the first day of fibre optic being laid and every road around us was being dug ups it was a x4.5 fare hike for uber and 45 min to arrive. (Is it just me or is uber on a permanent price surge…?) I only had 25 mins to get there.

So, on the bike, I peddled like a crazy woman. ½ way across Waterloo Bridge the heavens opened... I couldn’t see through the rain.

I kept going, it was nice getting wet and I didn’t care what I looked like, It was cool and refreshing. I was wet through; clothes clinging still peddling like a crazy woman.

The rain stopped as quickly as it started. By the time I arrived I looked like a woman standing in a sauna fully clothed.

And then to top it all off, it was immersive theatre, we were booked to STAND for the next 2hours 45min, WHAT!!! So tired, standing in the dark of the theatre with the prospect of no respite, the tears rolled down my face. I was so tired… I thought 10 mins and then I am out of here, no-one will notice. The production started, it was brilliant! I would recommend going, it was gender fluid, and modern with the Shakespearian language we all know. You just wanted to hear the words, see the acting, the fairies doing trapeze - I was mesmerised. I went the distance. That’s how good it was. Thank you Janette!

In the salon, I’m really excited about my new project, working towards a plastic free salon. We have a sustainable salon event on the 6th September - if you want to win a pair of VIP tickets for the evening then go to @karinejacksonsalon on instagram, like our competition post and tag a friend (they must also like the post). Guests will be treated to an evening of champagne, yummy canapés from Redemption Bar, bareminerals makeovers, Beauty Kitchen and Organic Colour Systems product sampling, bespoke fragrance from atelier cologne and a host of information on sustainable beauty.

I was missing the fellowship but thankfully I still had a couple of days working with the Clubstar team. We did a shoot with Curlformers at The Worx Studio in Parsons Green where I worked on the perm team – we shot four models that day. It was so fun! Simon Tuckwell has a fabulous team and thanks again to Carolyn, Faye and the team at Curlformers for putting on a great day.

The first model we permed was male, Luke – he was great! The other three models were female. Perms are massively on trend so it was fantastic to work on a shoot dedicated to perms. We got some fantastic shots by Andres Lesauvage.

I also went to the Clubstar Art team evening where the team showcased their year’s work, it was a very proud evening. I love watching a team grow from start to finish and the Fellowship is great at making this happen. They’re auditioning now so if you're interested, register and have a go.

It was a busy weekend! I went to Donna’s early to help her get her birthday lunch ready. We had a great catch up before everyone arrived and the afternoon was filled with laughter, eating the biggest saucepan of Biryani and catching up with family.

I had to shoot off early to attend Alibie’s 80th in Farnham. Anna and Simon hosted so yet another fun day. It was set up like a festival – it had a dance tent, food area and a band. It was amazing and always great to catch up with everyone, as the wedding was the last time we were altogether.
The evening was full of dancing and lots of fun! The end of the evening we laid under the stars telling stories. I love these family do’s and I was treated to two in one day.

Work was all about getting my application in for a mentoring program, fingers crossed. I had just finished it, saw my client and by the time I got back my computer had crashed!! It’s been weeks before I got to use my computer again - talk about separation anxiety! 
Luckily I had a major distraction, on Friday it was Douglas’ 50th birthday party and we were cooking for 12 people.
We started prep on the Tuesday by making my Nana’s recipe iced fruit cake. I was on desserts and Jacki on starter and mains.
Halloumi starter
Lemon chicken and 2 Ottolenghi salads (not fiddly)
Trifle and birthday cake.
It was a great evening, the podium was even in action with Douglas’ birthday play list. Not going to say what time I went to bed, let’s say it has taken me a week to recover. Sign of a good night. The next two days were spent in the garden reminiscing and recovering.

karine 15.8

A week later it was Alice’s 21st birthday party in South Wimbledon, a pub I knew really well when I was younger. I used to live just around the corner from it. It was a fun evening and I learnt a new dance move! Happy Birthday Alice and thank you for another fun evening, your friends are wonderful.

Work has been intense so time to catch up on HR. This is to make sure we comply and are doing everything we should be. Yesterday I attended a course for a personal alcohol license. The salon needs this as we serve complimentary drinks to our clients. At the end of the course I had to sit a test, I was so nervous! Fingers crossed I passed.

We have a new employee in the salon, so please welcome Lauren to our team. Lauren is a graduate stylist and you can book in with her ?

We have had some really exciting news! We have made it through to the final for London Hairdresser of the Year at the British Hairdressing awards 2019! So excited! We’re looking forward to a great night and oh I will have to get a new outfit ?. Shame, I wasn’t going to do that this I am onto my 6th burger from Dj BBQ brilliant burger book so far amazing all of them