Salon Changes… Damien Hirst Discoveries… & Winning Awards!

Well, it has been far too long since my last blog post – sorry!

It’s been an incredibly busy summer. Lots of restructuring going on in the salon, we have a great team so we’ve been focusing on developing them – working with Salon Evolution, so we’ve had 3 promotions over the last few months. Simon is now joining our training team and, along with Ian, will develop new team members that join us.

Last week, Anna had a terrible loss in her family. All our love goes out to Anna and her sister during this hard time.

I had my cousins Kimmy, Mick and Amy to visit, which was great fun. I love being a tourist in London. The best discovery was a Damien Hirst sculpture in St Barts Chapel, Smithfields and I’d never been to the British Library before; it’s such a brilliant building with amazing books- a book written in 1545 called ‘learn how to swim’ really got my attention. To top it all off, the café has the most delicious cakes (I’m never going to be a thin person!)

Last weekend I was exploring East London. Chatsworth Street is fantastic to walk down, there are great little restaurants mixed with old shops, kids hanging out on the street – really something for everyone. It had a great feel about it and there is a market on Sundays, Then it was over to  one of my favourite buildings in London, St Pancras for brunch. I just love walking through the building, the staircase in the hotel never ceases to amaze me. I love London, it has everything to offer…well except the weather, luckily I can go home for that!

I also had a mini break in Paris. I went to a music festival in a historic park, fabulous views of the city, great music – I even discovered some bands which we are now playing in salon (Gramatik and Aussie band Tame Impala). I have however decided that my camping days at festivals are over – hotels or glamping for me (I need electricity and running water!)

I’m super excited to announce that last week we won the Hair Trend award at the Creative Head Most Wanted Awards. It was an amazing night held at the Natural History Museum, sitting right underneath a 70ft dinosaur.

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The next few months are going to be crazy as we have a lot of shows and seminars coming up. The art team will be heading to Scotland, Manchester, Sweden and all over London but we’ll still be in the salon and look forward to seeing you all.