Sadness, teaching hair colour, becoming British & Dawn French!

It’s been an emotional week this week; firstly all my love goes out to my dear friend Douglas and his family following the passing of his father, it’s been a really tough year.

Two of my parents’ close friends also died last week, Uncle Joe Musgrove and Marilyn Fowler who was a massive part of my childhood on the beach when we were learning how to be life savers. Again my thoughts are with their families.

We should be thankful every day for our loved ones and keep everything else in perspective…

Onto work and last Sunday Simon and I had an amazing day with our Italian guests, teaching our latest collection and looks using Organic Colour Systems. The salon was filled to capacity and I have never had such a warm response; our guests were so hungry for information and to also share information.

It was a great day where we created 6 creative colours and cuts and we’re looking forward to their return at the end of the month. Thank you to Claire and Donna from OCS for all your help and Valentina for bringing such a wonderful group.

Monday was spent at the Fellowship for British Hairdressing council meeting. Always a full day.

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Not long now until I host the luncheon at the Dorchester, really looking forward to it. Almost everything is in place. I am sure there will still be a last minute panic! The event sold out in 30 mins, very exciting!

Wednesday was a busy one.  We were up early and off to shoot the covers for Perfect Wedding. Always a great day with Michelle and the team, and loved having Jenny Hands, a fellow Aussie behind the camera. She is brilliant!

This was my last day as a stand alone Aussie…Wednesday was a special day for me as after 24 years of living in London I finally took the plunge and became British. (Well I took the plunge a year ago, that’s how long it has taken…) But I think this is a good thing. The ceremony was really exciting and felt special as it should. It makes you think about what you’re doing when pledging allegiance to the country. This is great place to live and call home, not without its faults but Britain does try to give everyone a better life. I am proud to live here.

I am lucky to have 2 places to call home as Australia is always in my heart; it’s where my family are, where I was born and grew up and I will always love Australia.

I have been given a new name, which I like POSSIE (pommy Aussie) – Annemarie and Jackie were my guests, just wish I could have taken more people!  After the ceremony we went for dinner joining up with other friends and a little British singalong. Very funny.

Thursday night was amazing, I went to see Dawn French 30 Million Minutes. I loved the performance – if you can get tickets then go. It moved me, I was laughing and crying at the same time. I was on one hell of a rollercoaster. Any who knows me once I start crying I can’t stop to the point where the lady next to me gave me a hug. Oh dear, all my street cred gone (not sure I had any anyway…) So I decided getting on the tube with red eyes not so glam and I took a beautiful walk across Waterloo Bridge. I love this bridge, London looks so beautiful from it, all lit up as proud as a city can be. What a great place to live.

I feel very saddened by all the tragedy over the weekend across the planet; some natural forces and some plain evil. My heart goes out to the millions of people this weekend affected by these disasters, and I hope that one day we can live in harmony as a species. We should never give up hope.