My top tips and tricks to prepare your hair for Spring

It’My top tips and tricks to prepare your hair for Springs time to spring-clean your hair routine with my top tips and tricks to your best hair ever this season.



At the salon…

Take away the crisp dullness in hair with a rebuilding treatment at your next appointment. I love the Revamp Treatment from Organic Colour Systems it works by building the inner structure of the hair, making it feel soft again. If you’re new to colour but want to dip your toe in with something non-committal, try a colour stain to give hair a fresh finish with just a sheen of colour.  If you’re trying to grow your hair, don’t avoid your salon. Your hair still needs to be trimmed so hair dusting is a great option. Hair is like a fabric; if it begins to fray at the ends it will become damaged and irreparable. Hair dusting ensures you don’t get split ends and as hair is healthier you’ll get the length you want sooner.

At home…
Healthy hair starts from within so to get hair feeling thicker start adding foods rich in Omega 3 and Zinc into your diet. Oily fish is a great option, but you could also add a supplement into your diet, specifically targeted for hair. My clients love the Organic Colour Systems supplement and are really seeing some great growth.
It can be tempting but try not to over-wash your hair. Like with skin, over moisturizing or over cleansing can strip away the natural oils, leaving hair thin and fragile. Give your hair a break.
When you style your hair, the trick to lasting volume is to create a great, solid foundation. My top trick for lasting volume is to spray in a bit of gel to damp roots, then really ruffle the roots with your fingers as you dry the hair. This ‘confuses’ the roots making the hair follicle stand up and giving great volume. Style into your desired shape, then whenever your hair feels a bit flat during the day give the roots another ruffle with your fingers; just like muscle memory, the roots will remember to stand up straight again, reawakening the volume