Karine Returns from Australia

From Australian Hair Fashion Awards to Pro Hair Live London for Karine Jackson

I’ve just arrived back from an amazing trip to Australia where I shot my new collection for 2017. I have to say I’m really excited about it. I had an amazing team in Melbourne, with the help of Organic Colour Systems and Nicola Hands who flew down from Brisbane, my fabulous creative director Errol Douglas MBE, Margaret Aston on make up and Andrew O’Toole the legendary photographer.

The models were out of this world; I love the Australian models. They let you colour their hair whatever colour you want, they’re so laid-back and great fun. I can’t wait to get the final images.

I managed to have a couple of days with my family in Wollongong. I took my nieces to get their nails done and in return they had me jumping off a very high pier into the ocean. So as not to lose my cool I did the jump which freaked me out a bit but then they made me do it again, eeeek! I managed to stay calm and not lose any street cred with them. My Aunty Maureen came down from Coffs harbour, it was great to see her and I also managed to see my 94-year Nana, who is looking fantastic!

covent garden hair salon awards

It was back to Sydney for the Australian Hair Fashion awards at Luna Park. I had the honour of judging these awards back in January and it was an amazing night hosted by David Mannah and M division.

The comperes for the evening were Errol Douglas and Scherri Lee Biggs.

Congratulations to all the winners and the finalists and huge congratulations to Caterina DiBiase on winning Australian Hairdresser of the Year 2016 with an amazing collection.

Then it was straight back to London where my feet haven’t touched the ground…

The salon has been busy and I came back to a full column. Although I am going to have a little moan here! I was fully booked with a waiting list and two regular clients didn’t show. I could have filled those spaces twice over. As an independent salon every appointment matters and that is dead time where no income can be earned yet my bills stay the same. When we called them they were ever so apologetic and said their work had taken over. We understand that but then they get annoyed when we tell them there’s a charge. So why do they think their time is more important than ours? The appointment time has been booked and is therefore spent whether you’re here or not. We always send a reminder 2 days before which should give enough time to cancel if you’re busy.

That is lost revenue to my company, and we charge for our time just as solicitors or anyone else does. Enough of me ranting!

The weekend was filled with one of my long-standing client’s wedding. I was up early Saturday morning and headed down to Kent. Even if I say so myself the hair looked amazing, Claire looked like a princess and Debbie and Allen scrubbed up beautifully as well. It was a great day on Stunning grounds in Hythe. Debbie and Claire also made the wedding cake It was out of this world 5 different cakes layered on top of each other everything from red velvet to cheese cake. Not good for the waste line. Thank you for a fantastic day and evening.
I wish Claire and Stevie all the happiness in the world.

I woke early Sunday morning and went for a beautiful walk along the beach then drove home. On Sunday afternoon I finally got to see my home and organise myself a little. I was on fire: house cleaned, washing done, great meal prepared and cooked.

So my outfit’s ready for tonight; President’s Night for the Fellowship for British Hairdressing hosted by our fantastic President Bruno Giamattie at the beautiful Northumberland Hotel, Trafalgar Square.

It will be a brilliant night celebrating 70 years of hairdressers within the Fellowship, over which time they’ve shared their knowledge and skills with each other, so to mark the occasion Bruno has 7 decades of hair for us tonight. Hairdressers are a unique bunch in that we’re so happy to work side by side to make sure our industry grows in the right direction, sharing ideas and working together.

This week will be another big week – prepping for Pro Hair Live London at Kensington Olympia we’re doing four shows, 2 for Organic Colour Systems and 2 for Viviscal Professional, I can’t wait! Keep you posted…


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