From Weekend in Dubrovnik to The Hair Show UK and Colour World

IFrom Weekend in Dubrovnik to The Hair Show UK and Colour World’ve been back from Australia for a month now and I’m astounded, even for me, at what I’ve been up to. It’s nice to finally have some quiet time on my own, although my housemate and my friend went away this morning, and I’m not sure I actually like being completely on my own!
It’s lovely to be sat in the garden in Hackney listening to APE festival. I could hear the bands so clearly. I’ll be there next week for The National, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. I can’t wait! I love going to festivals and this time it’s great because I’m able to come home to my bed, rather than a tiny tent on hard or really wet ground. Back to sitting in the garden, when the bands are not playing at All Points East, the sound of the city is ringing through, a baby crying, people laughing, lawn mowers going, food cooking and of course sirens sounding. You really can hear London breathing. I love it! Now back to what I’ve been up to. 
I am excited to announce we have been short listed for colour expert in hair
My First morning back from Oz, it’s 9am and I’m off to Woking for a big meeting. It’s very exciting, you will have to wait until I can reveal all. 
I realised I left my phone on the plane, so navigating my time became difficult as in an instant, the world of information is gone, WOW! What a shock, it’s like going out with no clothes on. Seriously!
I had to know exactly what I was doing and where I was going for 10 days. As my nieces very kindly say “Aunty Karine, what was it like in the olden days?” I used to tell them that I didn’t know, I wasn’t there and to go and ask Nana. Well, after losing my phone, I was reminded of a time without instant communication. Some people do say that it’s good for you. After my experience, I’ve realised that it’s hard work without it. From now on, I think I’ll say to my nieces, before you had all these devices you would be late for stuff, stressed about what time a train was coming, about having missed emails and having to catch up late into the evening. Appreciate what you have. As for my phone, after 10 days I had to buy another one and so I was walking to the Apple store. I decided that I will just get a practical phone, I don’t need the iPhone 10. An hour passed and I walked out of the Apple shop with an iPhone 10. I have no self control, prompting a message from my accountant saying “I see you’ve replaced your phone.” Sure enough, two days later and Emirates let me know that they had found my phone. I should have taken my all singing all dancing phone back, but I didn’t. It was a full on catch up week in the salon with clients; Sam did an amazing job of getting everyone in. On Monday I was at the Fellowship for British Hairdressing Hair and Vision event in Glasgow. All of the teams created some beautiful work. I love going to Scotland, we really have started building a great community of united industry. A full week at work and then we were treated with beautiful and sunny weather on the bank holiday weekend. 
 May bank holiday weekend not working, and it was so hot! I was fortunate enough to be with my good friends Jackie, Carl, Mark and Leo, the dog at their idyllic house in Suffolk. What a fabulous weekend. Poignant for many reasons. I will get to that in a little bit. I love the smell here of freshly cut grass and flowers in bloom. The food is amazing as well. We went to a fantastic restaurant in Southwold Harbour where we enjoyed oysters, lobster and great company. Every day we went out of for a couple of hours. We explored antique markets, the harbour and we went to farmer’s shops for the food. We enjoyed the British farmers markets, where there were new potatoes and asparagus in season yum. We did a little bit of work on their acre of land, which I don’t mind, a little bit of physical work in the fresh air is never to be under estimated. Sun, fresh air and a good old lawn mower work out. We then finished off with watching the sunset, Margaritas in hand of course. Leo was in his element, you would not of thought he had been poorly for months, running around the garden chasing the pheasants and falling in the pond (that was funny, poor dog, he didn’t know what had happened). In the evening our Pyromaniac friend built a raging fire. Leo was on his bed outside with us not missing a moment, 3 days felt like a month on holiday. I’m glad it did, because as soon as I came back, life went back into full speed. Back in London and I was flat out in the salon all week. I got my Most Wanted Colour Expert entry submitted, thank you Carl for helping me make my little film. The salon was non-stop. Then Leo had a turn for the worse Thursday night, he was so sick. Jackie was doing everything to make him comfortable, it was going to be a trip to the vets in the morning. During the night Leo had a haemorrhage. It was devastating. Leo was a big part of Jackie’s family and all of us. He might have been a farty, stinky and grumpy old dog, but he made all of us laugh, he protected us along with slobbering all over you right before you went out. I was on my way into a big industry meeting when I got the news that Leo was gone. Thank you Leo for being such a cool dog. That evening when I got home we needed to do a toast to Leo. I had a bottle of champagne, well Dom Perignon, that I had been saving. What better than to toast Leo. The only problem was I was leaving for Dubrovnik at 3am the next morning…That evening we found ourselves having a lot to discuss, before I knew it, it was 2:30am! Where did the time go. I had to pack my bag, shower, get in a cab get to the airport. Then it was time to meet and greet. A crazy start, but what a great weekend! I had been asked by Mark Giannandrea from Kao to talk about The Fellowship at The Hub Network 2018 in Dubrovnik. From Weekend in Dubrovnik to The Hair Show UK and Colour WorldWhat a great team and clients, Beverly C and Sam Barnett, I really enjoyed talking to everyone and listening to the guest speakers. Joe Simpson, the climber who wrote ‘Touching the Void’ really inspired me. I really recommend reading his book as it shows how anything is possible. Claudia Merkel art historian and cross over thinking was brilliant along with Penny Blake so, no sleep and 3 speakers down and it’s time for the evening events. What an evening! Kao hosted us on a tall ship sailing around the islands. It was a perfect evening against the setting sun.
I really enjoyed my trip to Dubrovnik and want to go back and explore it with my friends. Dinner in the evening was hosted by the lovely Nathan Agland. Then it was an early night for me, straight to sleep in my princess bed.
It was the most perfect setting for breakfast the next morning, with the sun coming up over the Adriatic Sea. I really cherished this moment, working hard has its plus side. I was the first speaker of the morning, fully refreshed and ready. Then a great day listening to really inspirational speakers and talking with clients of Kao; it was a great community. We went into the old town for dinner that evening, the food so far had been great but this was perfect. There were five flights of stairs to get to the most perfect view of Dubrovnik Old town from Above 5 restaurant Totally recommended it.
We were served food cooked to perfection, everyone went silent whilst eating. It was great Catching up with Jayne Lewis Orr from HJi and Nicola Shannon for Professional hairdresser.
We were leaving early the next morning. I couldn’t look at the sea for the last 2 days and not go for a swim, so I got up at 5am and went down to the sea. It was worth it. So lovely and therapeutic to float in crystal clear water. I felt like I could take on any task, forget the gym, use nature and go for a swim!
I landed back in London at 1pm and it was a straight dash to the Century Club on Shaftesbury Avenue for The Fellowship council meeting. It was a great meeting a quick glass of champagne on the roof top bar watching the sunset and then home.  
It had only been 3 days since Leo has passed away and Jackie and I had some reminiscing to do. Another late night but totally worth it. Early start as we are filming in the salon for Southhampton University on Sustainability. 
The next day my cousins arrive from Australia. I was busy in the salon but they popped in to say hi and we managed to get them booked in later for haircuts. That evening I popped down to Streatham to have a birthday catch up with Chris as I was missing his 61st birthday party the next day. How was I suppose to know he was going to have a massive party for his 61st Sounds like I missed a brilliant night.
The morning of the Royal wedding I managed to see a little bit before I had to get to the salon. I needed to pack as I was in Birmingham for the weekend at The Hair Show UK. We were doing a charity event for Child Eye Cancer Trust. Getting there was funny, well not really. I hate places that falsely advertise being close to NEC Birmingham. We get there right at sunset with a load of kit bags, our hotel nowhere to be seen. We could see the Crown Plaza and The Hilton. Not our hotel. Next, we find ourselves standing at the end of a very long taxi queue, and the hotel is about 20 mins away. It was the start of Ramadan so there was at least a two hour taxi wait. What options do you have, life is too short. We walked over to the Crown Plaza and booked another room. I do feel really annoyed as the Best Western Manor is not the closest hotel to the NEC and they shouldn’t be saying that.

From Weekend in Dubrovnik to The Hair Show UK and Colour World

That aside, the show went really well. Curlformers™ by Hair Flair sponsored me and are also great fun to work with. Special thanks to Bernard Connelly for the clothes, my amazing models Angelica Valenzuela and Elenora Cooper, for the stunning make-up Roseanna Velin and Curlformers. I hope we raised a good amount for the Charity CECT.

Back to London and it was off to Colour World in Daltons put on by Nicky Pope from Tribu-te magazine, now in its 3rd year. What a cool event. It’s like a rave for hair colouring in a warehouse all broken up into different sections. I was doing a talk with Carolyn Newman about sustainability in the work place and it was really well received. Then over to the girls at Viviscal.
A dash from there as I was meeting my cousin to show them around London in the evening. We had a great time walking along the Thames, we then had dinner in Borough market and a glass of champagne at the OXO tower for the beautiful sunset.

The rest of the week was spent working in the salon and catching up with my friends. I had a lovely dinner with Ann, drinks with Di and Jackie at Café Boheme, Dinner and drinks with Janet on Friday night. On Saturday evening I had a fab dinner cooked by Jackie shared by Chris and Douglas all caught up with everyone. And here we are, some time on my own. I hope you had a great weekend and have a fab week, try to take every opportunity you can as life is short. xx