From War On Plastic To Christian Dior

Hi blog 26.6.198
I actually sat down a few weeks ago to write my Blog and didn’t think I had a lot to write about. I kind of feel the same again now, although I’ve experienced a lot of different things, so I suppose I need to get my head space in a different direction. 
Since handing over the Presidency, I’ve had a lot more free time to think. I remember just before the handover one of my friends asked me a simple question and I remember saying my head is too full to think about that.

I suppose my biggest focus right now (besides getting my entry together for the British Hairdressing awards) and where my conversation keeps going is the plastic mess we have got ourselves into. Reading Lucy Siegle’s book Turning The Tide On Plastic (@theseagull) and meeting the fab Lizzie Carr who was the first woman to cross the English Channel on a paddle board and runs #plasticpatrol (check her out on instagram @lizzie_outside) has really galvanised my horror at what’s happening.

The magnitude of trouble, the mass amounts of plastic we keep using – it’s insane! Companies and stores have us addicted without us even realising it.

I remember when I was young and bottled water hit Australia (bearing in mind we were always a few years behind), my Dad made a whole lot of noise about why do we need bottled water, who would pay for that? Are they mad? Well yes, we are mad. Years on, every country I go to I have been able to drink the very lovely tap water so why are we paying for it, and more to the point, paying for it environmentally with so much plastic?!

I must be honest, I fell into this trap of only drinking bottled water about 5 years ago before I started to carry my own bottle which is so much better, and many places will refill your bottle while you’re out.

When my parents leave the house they do their check; wallet, keys, water, door locked, in the car everyone and let’s go. That’s how easy it is for us to carry our own water.

We’re going to be hosting an event on the 6th September; the salon is 16 years old and we’re going to celebrate along with other business in the area such as bareminerals and Lucy Siegle will be here to read a little from her fantastic book.

So what have I been up to, leading on from Colour World?  Tuesday evening I went to the Eleven launch at Hunter collective, it was a great evening. Andrew O’Toole and Joey Scandizzi talked about their careers to date and how they came to launch a product together. It was a funny and interesting evening, Lisa Shepherd, Errol Douglas, Nick Irwin, and Carolyn Newman to name a few were there.

The next day was a crazy one, I had a breakfast meeting with Andrew O’Toole to choose the images for my BHA entry, and happy to say the first 4 are all sent off. British Hairdressing Awards London Entry 2019 tick, now the waiting game…

Cycled back to the salon for clients then I had to run down (well I actually cycled as well) to Westminster (I have been cycling home every night for 3 weeks now – love it!)

It was the hair and barber council meeting with Westminster, organised by Keith Conniford, my fantastic client Hamish Sanderson (he is the chair of was there to support along with Shirley Davis-Fox.
Shirley along with a team at Cardiff college has produced a fantastic document, An Economic Impact Assessment of the Hair and Beauty sector on the UK Economy, I challenge any parent or school teacher who thinks we are a go to job for the not so bright to read this report!
Our industry employs up to 337,687 people with a turn over of £6.6 billon a year there are 49,000 businesses in the UK.
You can go into session styling, education, product development, sales or working with a great team in a fab salon. On that note if you are looking for a fantastic career we are hiring!blog 26.6.1987
Friday was finally here and it was festival weekend! All Points East (ape) Friday night was one of my favourites -this was my 3rd time of seeing Chemical Brothers and they did not disappoint. Even when the heavens opened 20 mins before they were due to come on – we were in position and I was not moving even though I got wet through to my underwear. That’s the price you pay! Claire was struggling a little with the crowd and the excessive deluge of water pouring down on us so Jackie and Claire went to stand on the outside – Janette not being one to get her hair wet ever was gone – nowhere to be seen.
We had earlier seen Roisin Murphy and Kate Tempest and at the end of the amazing set we were rammed in so Anne-Marie decided we should do the Miranda. For anyone not familiar with Miranda she’s a British comedian and is brilliant in a sketch where she’s in a crowd and starts to gallop like a horse making a clicking noise and people parted for her. Let me tell you it is a brilliant technique – the crowed just parted. I will leave that scene to your imagination… We made it home before the others (between us, I think they walked the wrong way but that’s a whole other story.)
I love festival weekend when it’s around the corner and you get to sleep in your own bed. The next morning we took it easy with a nice relaxing breakfast, watched a brilliant film Captain Fantastic – don’t be fooled by the name, it’s not a marvel film, it’s about a father (sexy Viggo Mortensen) of 5 whose wife dies, I’ll say no more but try and catch it.
Then it was back to the festival to see Jarvis Cocker, Courtney Barnett and the Raconteurs. We caught a little of the Strokes but opted for home and it was amazing in bed by 11pm.
We had 2 days to recover, as it was the bank holiday weekend, the following weekend was part 2 of festival weekends and Dianne was our guest this time.
We had a brilliant time, cocktails in our garden then we headed over to see John Grant (amazing) we also caught a little of Ezra Furman, RY X (Aussie singer) and Bon Iver, we had a great time chatting with everyone around us and that concludes our festival weekends for 2019… 
I was at the Salon Business Awards on the Monday at the Rumpus room in the Sea containers building on South Bank – always a fun night, such stunning views of London, shame it was monsoon rain outside.
Jackie has been away for 2 weeks now. It is official – I prefer to not live on my own, house mates are much more fun.
The first weekend I popped up to see Carl and Mark in Suffolk. Fantastic weekend chilling out. Walking around their market village popping into antique markets and little independent shops. Going to the farms to buy our produce. I purchased a cool book – DJ BBQ book of burgers, brilliant fun you make everything from scratch whilst listening to his recommended play list.
I watched the sun come up listening to the bird song, we went swimming and I did my lawn mowing. I know that sounds weird but there is something really satisfying about a bit of physical work and seeing the results. The air is so fresh we were in bed by 11pm every night. I feel like I had a week off.
I ruined all my relaxation this weekend and if I’m honest I’m not sure I can handle it any more! It was a lovely sunny Friday evening and Michael’s birthday so I decided to pop over to Southbank for a drink with him not realising it was all the boys – it was a great night and what a blast from the past, Simon and Rob were there, I met them back in the early 90’s and that’s how all my London life started and how I met my friends 26.6.199
Saturday was a little housekeeping and afternoon drinks at mine before heading over to Grow at Hackney Wick, a really cool bar on the canal, the atmosphere was brilliant with everyone chatting and dancing outside to great music – thanks Mucho Soul, look forward to the next event.
Sunday I had some friends round and I have to say I was in struggle city. I was cooking a late lunch from my new burger book, this one was a vegan burger and it tasted fantastic, there was virtually no fat in it, but man oh man!! was it fiddly and messy to make, grated beetroot eeek! I think if my head was a little clearer it might have been more fun. They went down a treat though.
Yesterday I was at the salon then off to see the Christian Dior exhibition at the V&A with Julie Allen, it was fabulous seeing all the dresses and the designers behind them. Fantastic exhibition -worth a visit if you can.
Now it should have been quiet from there. But as we were in the area we met Errol Douglas on the 5th floor at Harvey Nichols – NO control, early evening drink it was; great fun as always. Then it was back to the West end to meet Julie friends and daughters; we had dinner at Gama Gama on Frith St. Finally home I think I was asleep by 10pm, am I slowing down or what?
Work has been busy; we’re still looking for the right people to join our team, as mentioned earlier. We’re an international team – the salon is all about equality, sustainability in fashion and having fun whilst working. If you want to further your career but aren’t sure how to this could be the place for you.
Enough plugging the salon.
I am also excited to announce I have been shortlist for Creative Head’s Most Wanted Colour Expert – fingers crossed.
2 of our products are shortlisted for the Hair awards and we have been nominated for colour expert, so lots of excitement coming up!
Have a great week Karine