From planning my new collection to Glasgow for the Scottish Masterclass

From planning my new collection to Glasgow for the Scottish MasterclassFinally, a weekly blog!

Hope you’re all great? For my Northern Hemisphere friends – so excited we have light evenings again! Make the most of it, life is short and summer is shorter; for my Southern Hemisphere friends winter doesn’t last long so snuggle up while you can.

I’m excited and can’t quite believe it’s this time of the year again already, I’ll be in Australia Sunday week to shoot my new collection and all plans are coming together really well.

I have a couple of new additions to the team this year, I will tell all when I get back. 

The last week has been no exception in the salon: crazy as always, I had my first weekend free in ages and what a great weekend.
I’m always inspired when the sun’s shining; I cleared loads of the little things off my to do list: pack ski gear away in the loft, get bike out, sort wardrobe out, visit friends etc…

I had a lovely vegan lunch at the Earl Ferrers back in my old stomping ground, they are doing a vegan weekend every month which is worth checking out. 

I went for a little bike ride – I’m starting to get into practice for The Hairdressers’ Charity’s 100 km ride in September (this is going to be funny.)

Sunday I met up with friends and family for Mother’s Day; we had a fantastic roast at the Empress  on Victoria Park.

On Monday Bruno Marc, Errol Douglas and I were up in Glasgow for the Scottish masterclass.From planning my new collection to Glasgow for the Scottish Masterclass

Firstly Glasgow is a stunning city, the sunshine was full blaze and spring was definitely there. Secondly what a great event, the hair was fantastic with 8 amazing artists on stage and a true insight into the world of Jennifer Cheynes. I love the Scottish events, uniting hairdressing and hairdressers.

An early start in the morning to fly back to a busy day in the salon, only to get a phone call that the salon had been broken into again exactly a year on from the last time. They got away with our hairdryers and straighteners; thankfully Liesl came in early to sort it all out.

After sitting on the runway for an extra 1:30 hours we finally took off and I made it back to the salon just in time for a fully booked afternoon and evening.

Today I’ve been playing catch up with team reviews all done and my Creative Head Most Wanted entry started, I’m determined to stay on top of things before I head to Oz for my shoot.

I think my next catch up with you all will be when I get back, if you want a spring hair do or Easter break look please get your appointment in now, it’s a great time for a revamp!