From Planning My Final President Night At The Landmark Hotel To Skiing.


Check me out – getting to my ‘weekly’ blog efficiently this time, it’s only been 2 weeks!
I think I’m actually just swerving what I really need to be doing… All the awards entries are due (sorry Sally, onto it next) and I need to write my script for my final event as President in 2 weeks’ time, I’m getting very excited, it’s going to be a great night. It’s going to include a runway show all about the journey we take as hairdressers, business people and creative artists.
I hope to see all of my friends at the Landmark hotel Marylebone on Monday 8th April
(Aunty Marilyn :I know its not possible for you to come from Oz ? …)
Please go to if you would like a ticket.
We had the tasting on Wednesday afternoon to chose our menu kicking off with canapé starters in the garden terrace; after the tasting it was a run through on how the event is going to flow.
The morning of President’s night I have a mentor day with the Clubstar Artistic team and will be teaching them how I put a show together, then I have 2 models arriving in the afternoon and the team will present these along with our other projects, and our Image of the year winner Robert Masciave and Fellowship Hairdresser of the year Tina Farey.
In the morning before I even got to the tasting I started with a client then I rushed over to a meeting with Stuart from Beauty Kitchen about the Karine Jackson Hair care range which is all positive, before heading home to pack for Skiing.The next morning we flew to Granada (12 hour journey, not impressed with Iberia airlines and they broke my suitcase…) Then an hour journey to Sierra Nevada Mountains. But it was worth the journey and absolutely beautiful – we were there for our friend’s 60th birthday – happy birthday Mark.The skiing was great – not vast but great long runs and when there are 28 of you it is easier to bump into each other. The village was lovely, not too big but covered all bases, and each evening we were treated to the most spectacular sunsets and the stars were so cool, I could look up from my balcony all night. We were looking straight ahead to the Sierra Nevada Observatory (2896 m altitude) housing the highest observatory in Europe and we could just ski around it. This couldn’t get any better, I love anything to do with space.

We didn’t get through the weekend unscathed though, poor Alan Arscot popped his collarbone out, only minutes after I said I don’t like this run, it’s too steep and icy, I feel like I’m going to hurt myself. We were all happy to get off that run with only one injury – that might explain why no one else was on it. It was fun skiing with the boys, I hadn’t caught up with them for ages.

The girls bailed on me and took Al down to Granada for the day. It sounds like a beautiful city but skiing overruled it for me. I love skiing – you exercise all day and party in the evening, my favourite holiday. It was strange being in Spain to ski – it was 16 d in the day down to -10 in the evening, we spent a lot of time in the N’ICE Champagne bar although they ran out of champagne on the last night. Not so N’Ice. Never a good sign but probably did me a favour as we were traveling back early so I could get to the London Hair and vision event I was hosting for the Fellowship of British Hairdressing at Proud Coppa bar in Fenchurch st. This was a great event, Simon Tuckwell compered the evening and we had some brilliant teams on stage showcasing their work.

This led for me into one incredibly busy week, I was fully booked with clients and still recovering from the weekend, the early morning ski runs and late evening; they are starting to hurt more and more. If only I would learn to go to bed early sometimes, but instead the end of the week came and Jackie and I sat up talking until silly o’clock, so no catching up on sleep…

Saturday I went on the “Put It To The People” march in central London. What an emotional day, we made it into Parliament square to listen to the speeches. We were meant to go shopping for my outfit for President’s night after but I think that was a bit ambitious, we were a bit too tired. So home it was for a download of the day’s action. It was amazing to see so many people all ages and ethnic groups. Untied we are better.It was to bed early thank goodness.

Sunday was intense: Jackie received the early morning call that Marnie had gone into labour and Rudy Jackson Palmer was born at a hefty 9 lb 6oz. I wish you all a wonderful life together and I can’t wait to hang out.

On that piece of great news I will get back to writing my scripts and awards entries.
Have a fab fun week Karine