From perfect wedding to prep for pro hair live London and Manchester

So much for the weekly blog!23-2-17-111 23-2-17

With my Christmas tan well and truly faded 2017 has had a great start, the salon is fun and the team are all working hard giving our clients amazing make overs. The clients are loving this year’s collection with the Mo-Mu cut being our most popular service to date; we’re at HJ Live London on Sunday and then up to Manchester for Pro Hair Live on Monday and before all that I’m at a hen day on Saturday for the lovely Anna Lainey, it’s going to be a crazy weekend. The Karine Jackson art team has been in full prep mode getting our looks together for the weekend and I think we’re nearly there, timing and organisation is going to be key here… I do love a challenge and a deadline, if you’re around come and watch us on the Fellowship stage 12:30 on Sunday and at 1:30 and 2:45 on Monday.

I was with the Perfect Wedding team last week working on the covers for their magazine, big congratulations to Michelle who will now also be the editor for You & Your Wedding magazine as well as Perfect Wedding. It amazes me how women raise families and run businesses so well. I suppose my social life amounts to running around after kids J.

The shoot was brilliant – look out for the up coming covers.

I had a little birthday the other week, eeeek! Thanks to all my friends and family for making me feel so special. It was a great weekend starting with Larraine’s birthday on the Thursday (fellow Aquarian), it was back to south London for this celebration, excellent bar in Herne Hill called Milkwood, a little swing around the dance floor always makes me feel great.

On Saturday my good friend Claire came up from Brighton, she’s the first person I gave a tour of my new area to. It was great fun; I am really enjoying living in East London with so much to explore although my favourite food store on Broadway Market is going – I had to get my last Katus chicken wrap… One wrap later and a pair of new shoes I was set.

Sunday we all met for one of the best Sunday roasts I have had in ages – the celebrations continued at the Easton pub in Clerkenwell, highly recommended! And they do a great Bloody Mary as well. I really love relaxing with friends on a Sunday in a nice clean cozy pub. Thanks everyone for coming and my fab presents.

Finally made it to my actual birthday and it was all work (sort of). Started with a meeting with GHD in the salon (thanks Leila for the lovely cake), then off to a Fellowship meeting planning for the Step up and Shine competition and Sassoon scholarship, followed by a finance meeting. With my head swirling now it was time for a late lunch with Jackie at Soho Hotel and back to work for a bit to finish off what I had started in the morning. That evening I met up with Errol Douglas to watch a preview (top secret so I can’t say much about that for now.) Thank you for the amazing flowers and champagne! I also caught up with Gary Hooker and Michael Young, great to see them all for a fun evening in Aurar on Lexington St.

Back to serious life and to dry out my liver…

We had a great training session in the salon on the Wednesday planning our colour collection for my up coming collection shoot. We have been working with Organic Colour Systems for 10 years now and my team just love it, as do our clients – it is so good to be able to offer an ethical colour.

London Fashion Week is over and I love the bold colour going down the runway, and the sleek vinyl hair, not sure if I will be able to break out of the black but I will try to give it a go. I love how London’s west end transforms over this period.

Monday was member’s night at the Wella studios; I was so inspired by the amazing work presented which is what the Fellowship is all about – congratulations to the teams that presented.

Better get back to planning, I will let you know how the weekend went…