From masterclasses to new hair collections with Karine Jackson

Since my last blog, the world has changed and I’m definitely disappointed in mankind. 

I’d really recommend watching a BBC Four documentary on the Australian Immigration policy – it’s a hard watch but it’s important.  What has been done to refugees is horrendous, their humanitarian rights have been discarded.  Our lives are cushy and lovely,  we should be appalled that refugees who were so desperate they’ve risked their lives have been stuck in a detention centre, instead of being helped.  Whatever happened to building a longer table instead of a higher wall?!  It breaks my heart, both to see their circumstances and the lack of empathy from people who don’t seem able to comprehend that the only difference between us and them is sheer luck of place of birth.

Enough of my political ranting!

fameWe had a brilliant weekend at Salon International. I was compering shows for the Fellowship and got the chance to meet up with Gary, Jane and the Australian F.A.M.E Team which was lovely. There are now just 3 weeks to go until the British F.A.M.E team is announced and the 8 finalists become 4.

I’ve finally done it, I’ve gone north of the river and am now living in East London. I’ve not had much chance to explore yet but I’ve already had a lovely Sunday lunch at The Empress as well as a great dinner on Broadway Market. Last Friday night was 100 years of Exmouth Market so I went along to support my friend Janet who did a wonderful speech (well done!) It was a really fun night (we even did some Brazillian dancing!) I was also lucky enough to help celebrate my great niece’s 2nd birthday which was lovely.

hair colours & styles, karine jackson hair & beauty salon, seven dials, covent gardenLast Sunday was the return of the Italian delegates. It was a great day where we created 8 looks based on Why Label It?, my latest collection, shortlisted for the British Hairdresser of the Year awards. I thoroughly enjoyed the day spent with them.

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On Monday I was in Edinburgh for the Fellowship Scottish Masterclass alongside Johanna Cree Brown from Trevor Sorbie, Marlon from Brooks and Brooks, Natalie Cole from Bruce Masefield, Tracey Devine Smith (interviewed by Errol Douglas) and Gillian Solly from Toni & Guy. It was a wonderful event and lovely to be in Scotland, we took the new tram from the airport which was great fun and the event was held in Ghillie Dhu, an old church converted into a bar/restaurant.

It was back into the salon on Tuesday afternoon with lots to catch up on. Wednesday involved more planning for the Fellowship luncheon. We’re also now just 2 and a half weeks from the BHA night (I still need to find an outfit…)

We’ve also had a training session on my latest haircut trend – the Mo-mu or Modern Mullet as seen on Gracie Hartzel for Vogue. It’s a great resurgence for the mullet and is going to be super popular was we head toward the new year. This week we also had the team reviews, I really do have a great team who are fun to work with.