60th Birthday Parties & More!


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Well what can I say! This weekend I have SLEPT…


I’m sad that Margo left last night, it’s been one hell of a 2 weeks. Margaret Aston of @Astonwig arrived from Australia 4 days after the finish of my @vitalvoices global Ambassadors program. My feet had hardly touched the ground.

Margo arrived the morning of Jacki’s 60th birthday party, not yet her birthday but the party day. Jacki hosted her party at the Clapton Country Club, a fantastic venue. Margo did so well, she came straight to the salon and we headed home and got ready with Donna and Jacki. The evening was brilliant fun, it is so good to see everyone in one room dancing and having so much fun.

I discovered my Rick Owens outfit from the President’s Night was the perfect outfit to dance in – it had wings. So much so my friend’s husband wanted to have a go; I’m afraid he might have rocked it a bit better than me. I will never admit this to my friends though. It was all back to ours for the after party which was so much fun, not sure our grumpy neighbours next door feel the same way! Never mind, it’s not every week (well actually, this next 2 weeks it might have been…)

Margo is a bit of a legend; she was up at 9.30am the following morning so we could go sight seeing. I wish I’d gone to bed at 3am like she did. Not so.

I walked her through Broadway Market down Columbia Rd, straight to the Birdcage for a Bloody Mary and home again – that was enough for today, full recovery time now. Except we sampled some of the champagne at home.

The next morning we did Colombia Rd flower market properly and Brick Lane down to Spitalfields onto Rivington to show her the preserved Banksey and then the Boundary roof top bar for a Bloody Mary. Then over to the elderfield to meet Jeff, Ellen and Janet for a traditional Sunday lunch.


Monday was a crazy day – into the salon for clients then I rushed down to Victoria for an apprenticeship meeting then back to the salon to get ready for the British Hairdressing awards – I was a finalist in the London category.

 It was a great night even though we didn’t win.

I was happy that Andy Heasman from Rush won the London Category and congratulations to Robert Eaton for winning British hairdresser of the year.


I would also like to congratulat

e all the winners at this year’s awards. It was a fun night and I’m glad my off switch kicked in at 3am, as I had to work in the afternoon.


Wednesday after work we caughtup with Mr. Errol Douglas MBE as Margo didn’t really get to catch up with him at the awards. We had a very funny night at Chotto Matte on Frith St. I think it went wrong by meeting my other friend Douglas at Café Boheme. Now the evening was OK with the food and champagne flowing but I think it went wrong when Errol suggested a porn star cocktail at the end of the night. Next there was talk of going night clubbing in Maddox nightclub. Thank goodness Margo kept a reality check on that one and we made our very drunken way home.

Thursday was in the salon, busy busy, and we welcomed a team from Japan to learn how to perm using Curlformers by HairFlair.I would like to say it was an honour to be able to host the team from RÉvol thoughtful beauty, showing them how to work with the Curlformers and perming – what a wonderful team we had a brilliant afternoon. I love sharing thoughts and ideas with different teams.

I was so tired, but never a dull moment – as we were leaving the salon we walked past the Harry Potter production, The Cursed Child. A woman was looking quite distressed so I asked if she was okay, she went into a very quimargo blog 3ck story that her two children had let her and her husband down. She had their two tickets for tonight and tomorrow night to see the Harry Potter production – would we like the tickets. I was horrified, I was so tired but I could see Margo‘s face light up these are hot tickets. So I reluctantly said yes. Margo, bless her, said “you don’t have to come I’ll go by myself”, not one to waste the ticket, I ran back to the salon like a crazy person yelling from the door anyone who wants to see Harry Potter tonight grab your bag and a jacket because it’s starting now, Alexia had a coat and bag on before I could even finish the sentence. We ran back to meet Margo, who dumped her 3 bags on me.

I was overloaded with stuff walking up to the tube. Feeling guilty that I let one team member leave early, I phoned the salon and said that the rest of the team could leave as well, with my hands full I popped my phone into my pocket – rookie error.


So I was on the tube, tired an overloaded with stuff, when three drunk men got on, one of them very loudly saying you can’t trust any women. Not one to take this lying down I turned to give him the look of all looks; he said you don’t know what I’ve been through. My answer to him “no I don’t but your generalisation of women is not the way forward.” As I was getting off the train his friend got too close to me – I jumped off and the door shut, and I realised that was my phone gone. That will teach me for being mouthy and kind. The annoying thing was I didn’t realise my credit card was in my pocket as well – it was a day before I realised after they had a good old spending spree. Never mind; all replaceable stuff.


Friday night Margo didn’t even make it to the second part of Harry Potter even though she loved it. We had just hit a wall, so went early to bed. But we didn’t waste the next day, there was still lots of sightseeing to be had.  Sunday was Jacki‘s actual 60th birthday and we had an absolutely amazing lunch, and dinner, and after party (oops). Jacki had hired caterers, two Syrian guys who arrived here as refugees and set up a business cooking Syrian food. And what amazing food – it was so delicious and I can highly recommend them! They were friendly, so helpful as they served the food, gave us big hugs and left again.

 Jacki‘s party on the Sunday was so much fun; DJ Doug was out, we had a great sing-along and dance along, another long night though. Should have gone to bed earlier, damn!

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It was up early Monday morning as it was the Fellowship luncheon and awards – thank you for my award, Fellow with Distinction! This year it had been moved from the Dorchester, this was always going to be a tough call for Ashleigh Hodges our chancellor but I think she did an amazing job. I am disappointed in the backlash from our older members, forgetting the hard work that goes into the event in the first place, it might not have been perfect but constructive criticism would have been nicer than some of the nasty and harsh emails received, these seem to struggle with any form of change and lost sight of why we did change from the Dorchester.

The Dorchester does not represent the hairdressing industry as a whole and I thank all those people that supported Ashleigh, Ken and Simon in the change to the Intercontinental. I suggest the people out there putting the event down right now have a good think about what you’re saying because to me the luncheon is about celebrating at the Fellowship, the events we put on, our projects, ou

r sponsors and awarding of members. They ticked all of those boxes. On top of that we had a great time and another brilliant after party.


Huge congratulations to Ashleigh, Ken and Simon and each year improvements can be made and things will get better.


Tuesday and Wednesday Margo was on her wig course, this gave us all a little bit of recovery time before she left. Very sad now. I had the weekend to myself in time to shape up and carry on with the crazy Christmas celebration. Happy 60th birthday Jacki, farewell to Margo, and I’ll speak to you all at the end of the Christmas rush.