From Lisbon to Salon International and lots of birthday celebrations!


 And four weeks have gone again… This update jumps around a bit as I start to write and life takes over!
As always it’s been action filled. A week ago on Sunday, Jeff and Ellen came round for lunch (this is when I started writing this). We had a great time as I really love cooking a Sunday lunch. I wish we’d finished up a bit earlier though, as this week is huge!!
Monday was Chancellery and planning for the Dorchester luncheon, which has crept up on me this year with only 5 weeks to go and the script has not been touched – eeeek! (Now it’s only 4 weeks.)

Then it was over to the O2 to see David Byrne, I totally loved it! He was amazing and his dance moves are brilliant; the band was exceptional. We caught up with my wonderful clients Francis and David. The whole concert took me back to being 14 when Karen and I use to play Talking Heads’ Little Creatures and Stop Making Sense over and over again on vinyl.

Tuesday in the salon was a great but busy day. I needed to stay on time as I was going to John Grant at Brixton Academy. I didn’t know him very well so was excited to explore someone new and he didn’t disappoint! What a fabulous voice.
Now for Brixton academy, I love the venue as it is off the wall madness! If you have never been inside its so worth just taking a look. I hadn’t been there in a long time. I believe the last time was an Armand Van Helden vs. Fatboy Slim concert.

But back to Brixton Academy, the security were absolutely awful and they seriously need to take a good look at themselves. People are out for a good time not to be treated like low lifes. I totally get the need for a bag search, but you can ask nicely! The final straw was when it came to leaving, I stepped out the door and on reflection thought I need the toilet before heading home. So I swung round to go back in; “NO, NO you can’t do that, venue policy”. Absolutely ridiculous, but it gets worse! “You can go to the toilet in Nandos over the road”. WHY would I do that! I have spent money in here so I expect to be able to go to the toilet in here!!
Whilst waiting for my friends who had gone to the toilet prior, we were told we weren’t allowed to wait on the pavement outside the venue as they ‘own it’, we were then told to move on.

Seriously.. you do not own it, Lambeth council residents who pay their council tax own it. Which for the last 22 years I have contributed to. After making my point for a few minutes and not letting this one go I stood in the middle of the road. They tried to move me on so I told them “you can’t claim this” to which they replied , “you’ll get hit by a car”. Well that’s because I am not allowed to stand on the pavement!! Once finished antagonising the ridiculous security we went home. Addressing the event organiser; you might want to visit the ESRC and look at the winner from crowd psychology to public safety research.

Onto the weeks prior… Salon International was a great weekend. The fellowship stage was really rocking! The live lounge was so much fun… if a little addictive. We interviewed an array of celebrity hairdressers like Trevor Sorbie, Patrick Cameron and 

Tracey Devine Smith.
The stage was show after show of creativity. It was a long day but you don’t really notice as it’s such great fun and you get to see everyone from the industry. I also attended a work shop for the apprentices along with their tutors from different colleges.
The Tribute show in the Novello theatre headlined Darren and Jackie Ambrose, Angelo Seminar, Brooks & Brooks, Desmond Murray and Andrew Jose was fantastic.

I always finish this weekend feeling totally inspired and ready to start doing shows again. It was a short but busy week in the salon and an exciting Saturday planned. Three friends and I headed out to Lisbon to celebrate Ann’s birthday along with our friend Christine who joined us from Maine USA. Lisbon is a really cool city; the food is delicious and the company was hilarious. The weekend revolved around great restaurants, a narrow maze of winding streets with amazing buildings and really fun bars. We went to a fantastic restaurant call Prado; the food was out of this world! If anyone is going to Lisbon I recommend booking a table <> 
We took the tuk tuk around the city for a tour which I highly recommend. We went to Sintra on the train which was beautiful, however I was happy to get back to Lisbon as it had more grit and atmosphere. You would just find yourself in fun little bars like @bacchanalbar – everyone was so friendly.

I came back totally recharged and ready for the last quarter of the year. This weekend was pretty full on but exciting. On Friday I met up with Dianne for her birthday, we went to the Cork and Bottle in Flat Iron Square. The atmosphere downstairs was brilliant, there were many food stalls with chefs dancing whilst cooking and generally having a great time. The next floor up consisted of loads of people chatting at really long tables; such a lively buzz. There were loads of sofas to sit on in front of the fire – it was like sitting in your front room, I loved it!


Saturday morning I was up early as I had to be at the salon for 9am. Sheets changed and washing completed (very boring I know!)
at midday I was over at the Hilton Doubletree Hotel in Tower Bridge, meeting my friend Nicola Pembro for a birthday lunch at the Savage Garden roof top restaurant. The food wasn’t great but the view and company were spectacular. I would recommend it for a drink and a view.

At 3pm I was on a train to Highams Park – it was Wylders 4th birthday party OMG! Children, there were so many of them! I don’t know what happened but suddenly four of them challenged me to chase them, HELP ME! Then full circle I was back in the West End for our friend Chris’ ‘Day of the Dead Party’ at the Phoenix Garden. I love the events Chris organises; he’s great at pulling the Soho community together. They’d been making paper flowers and a giant piñata all week, it looked magical.

Up early again on Sunday to get my chores done (yes even more boring), then over to Kings Cross to get the train to Leeds. Kate Jeffery has been doing a fantastic job rolling out local Hair awards and I am happy to say we have supported them from the beginning. Errol and I had the usual champagne reception on the train to Leeds. We do have such fun planning shoots and brainstorming together. We arrived a little worse for wear but a quick change and a litre of water later we were ready to present some awards. Congratulations to all the winners!

It was a fun evening at the Royal Armouries Square. We caught up with some familiar faces; Joey Ferraro and Paul Falltrick were among them. We were back on the train this morning and straight to the salon. The start of another crazy week. 
Today I have been strategizing, getting this blog finished whilst working on the script for the luncheon. This week is the finale evening for Project x and Colour project at L’Oreal Hammersmith (always a great show from two great brands from the Fellowship) and a hair council event at Marzella and Palmer.

I hope you all have a great week