From Italy to winning two hair awards and launching 100% natural hair care range


Firstly I’m overwhelmed at how many people read my blog so thank you for taking the time. I’ve had friends and clients giving me feedback which is great. Before I address the feedback I’d like to say the reason I started the blog was for my website. In order for Google to see I’m still active and to drive the site higher in the rankings you need to write a lot of background words.

So, in the face of the tech requirements, I thought, “Ok I can do this”. I’m fortunate enough to have lots of amazing experiences so why keep them to myself! 
I kept a journal at the start of high school until I was 25. I can’t spell and my vocabulary was limi

ted but I enjoyed writing it!
I read my journals a few years ago and loved every minute; it brought back the feeling along with the experiences. I laughed a lot.
I remembered the stories but not how I felt when they were written. I was so dramatic at times! 

Yes! Very personal and not really to be shared with everyone. 
What I didn’t realise, writing this blog I often lose the emotion trying to get all the words in and just being factual. 
My friend from the states commented “I read it and Iknow there is a story behind each log otherwise why did you mention that

event?” She is correct!

Only the week before, my good friend said this story is worthy of your blog and you should write about all the other situations you get us in.
We were laughing as we were in a situation at the time. These situations aren’t serious at all, just really silly! Sometimes I wonder howon earth I got where I am today as my brain is so full I can’t sort anything else out!

On that note I am going to give you the build up to this story and why my brain was so full.

I met up with my oldest school friend and one of my closest friends for the last 34 years and her second daughter. We spent a week sightseeing through Italy. 
Rome was AMAZING! Florence Err, nah! Although, my favourite day of the whole trip was spending the afternoon in Florence talking with Bianca and listening to her take on “society”, so impressed.Karen must be so proud she has raised two daughters who have really strong outlooks on life. I feel so inspired by Bianca and Cara, if this is how the youth are thinking then I want to be part of it.

Venice was great fun! Karen booked an amazing apartment behind St Marco Square which was right on a busy canal. I sat in my windowsill looking and chatting to people floating by. Whilst there Julia Gillard (Former Australian Prime Minister) wrote to me. I introduced myself to Julia a few weeks before at the Economic Social Research Awards. I spoke about our industry: It is 90% female yet still male do

minated. Yes we are a grass roots service industry, but if you can’t sort it here how do you expect it to be sorted at the top?? Kindly, Julia took the time to write to me. I panicked, what do I reply? I did respond and she came back to me very quickly with a warm instant reply, very comforting. 
For all my friends and family wanting to work with change and equality have a look at this site: small steps to big changes<>

We won two awards from Hair Magazine 2018: Colour Expert and Hair Heroine. Thanks to Herb UK for your support. 
Simone and Allan then joined us as 

they were continuing their tour with Karen and Bianca, and then I headed back to London.

I arrived back to the UK around 10pm on the Sunday evening. Knowing I had a crazy week I got myself ready; bags unpacked, washing on, clothes laid out for work and all 104 emails read!

11am Monday morning. I had a full day which involved a council meeting for the Fellowship. It was an extremely productive day which turned out to be great fun. We are ‘making a difference’ and long may it continue. 
I love how many influencers are wanting to take on projects and presidency. The Fellowship is a legacy which is forward thinking and a community of like minded people wanting to strive to succeed and I am really feeling the support.Straight from the council meeting it wasover to the Fellowship’s Colour evening which was held at the Toni and Guy Academy on New Oxford Street. What a fantastic night!

Tuesday I was booked in from 10am until 9pm non-stop. I used to be able to do this on 2 hours’ sleep but I need a minimum of five hours’ sleep now! 
It was a busy week.

Wednesday was my first brandmeeting for Karine Jackson hair care. It’s so exciting that I have an announcement in conjunction with Beauty Kitchen. We have launched my own 100% natural hair care range. I’m so excited about it!

But what should have been a 20 minute journey, was in fact 1 ½ hours: to my horror I was almost 40 mins late!! 
It was an intense meeting as there was a lot to cover but it was very stimulating. We are a great team with so many interesting ideas. 
You can check the range out in Holland and Barrett. If you spot the range please take a photo and post on instagram! @karinejacksonhair.

Errol calls after the meeting to see if I had booked tickets to the G&E black tie ball on the Saturday evening. Gavin is a member of the Fellowship whose career is goingfrom strength to strength.

In the middle of his year as a F.A.M.E Team member Gavin’s little boy contracted meningitis. I can’t imagine the strain put on the family and they showed incredible courage. Their little man is fighting fit now. 
G&E Macintyre organised a charity event to raise money for @Meningitisnow and @thehairdresserscharity.

Pointing out to Errol again that I am not your PA! I will book your train ticket today along with mine. 
Me – “Where do we need to go to?! Birmingham?!”
Errol – “Yes, Birmingham” (you are not innocent in this Errol).
I phoned Errol back giving him the times to Birmingham. We worked out what time we should leave to get us there in plenty of time to get changed and settled.

Thinking about it, 2 hours 40 minutes is a very long way!
I didn’t get the feeling Gavin was travelling this far every week for F.A.M.E team. Saturday comes and we meet at Euston to go to Birmingham. I know my limits but sometimes you just need to relax, it had been a mega week for me.

Full brain.

I return home from my holiday which was brilliant but as it was three cities in Italy only in one week it was not relaxing. I could tick off all the lovely sights along with 20,000 stepsa day! Reconnecting with my old friends, was lovely to catch up and share our recent experiences. 

Getting to know Karen’s daughter on an adult level, what a pleas.Council meeting, Colour night, Product Launch, working 30 hours with my clients, spending time with my team all ticked off the list!

Back to my current situation. We’ve settled in our seats on the way to Birmingham. The champagne has been opened so the journey has now properly begun! I’m having a great time putting the world to right; planning shoots, talking shows, looking at magazines, business chat and lots of laughing. We start to pull into Birmingham New Street. It suddenly dawns on me to say to Errol, “doesn’t Gavin live in Northampton”. 
Errol replies, “yes”. To which I then say “why are we in Birmingham?”. 
Then we go into hysterical laughing, slightly drunk and a little melt down.
You would not think we were running thebusinesses we do.

The lovely couple behind us must have been listening to us have a dramatic melt down. We had no clue what we were doing now, definitely too much fizz! 
The very lovely couple popped their heads over the chair and warmly noted that they had looked up the train routes and we could stay on this one and be in Northampton in 50 minutes.
So instead of being there 2 hours early we were 1 hour 45 mins late! 
Once we were finally there we had a fantastic time. We were sat with the Mayor of Northampton and his wife. The ball was in a hanger on a 1930s airfield! It was a superb building and evening, thanks Gavin.

Having had such an amazing time in Rome I got a bit carried away bidding for a two night stay in the auction. Glad to say I am going back in May next year!

I have done so much since starting this blog that I am going to quickly run through the rest of the techy bits.
I had a great catch up with my friend Nicola Pembro at Le Beaujolais,
I also attended the uk final ofColor Zoom at The Brewery 

Clubstar Art Team hosted a brilliant event on Monday so well done to Simon and the team.

I had a great weekend with friends in Wales so thank you Anne Marie for coming all the way back! 
We judged the British Hairdressing Awards, however we didn’t get through this year but I’m totally in love with my collection, soon to be launched…
I was in Nottingham yesterday meeting with the buyers’ team at Boots about Karine Jackson Hair care range, very exciting.

Last night we were celebrating Douglas’ birthday at Exmouth market, it was very enjoyable. 
Today I have realised I am never drinking again!