From International Women’s Week, Talk Radio and Christmas 2018

I’m shocked it’s been 4 months since my last blog, Aunty Marilyn you better have a good nap and a bottle of wine ready for this one…

Looking back, I’m shocked at how much I’ve been up to! I’ll start from today and work backwards, I’ve just finished a panel talk with Seven Dials, it is international women’s week and I have just met some truly inspiring people: Karen Baines (Head of Marketing, Shaftesbury), Sophie Morgethaler and Priya Downes (Co-Founders of Nudea), Julie Deane OBE (Co-Founder of The Cambridge Satchel Company),’s Co-Founder, CEO and Editor-in-Chief Lauretta Roberts (ex-editor of Drapers) – this is a week-long event so if you’re here in London go to the Seven Dials website to find out what’s on.

I’m now on the tube rushing over to Lambeth College in Clapham to talk about my industry, how cool it is, and how diverse a career in hairdressing can be. I hope it goes as well as the talk this morning, I am sure I will be able to let you know as this blog is going to take a couple of days to write,

Last night I was at The Hairdresser’s Charity Ball at Grange Hotel St. Paul’s, I was shocked to receive The President’s Award for the bike rides I did, huge thanks for the award, it is an honor. This truly is a great charity for hairdressers helping hairdressers hosted by joint Presidents Sam Grocutt and Philip Sharp – thank you for organizing such a fabulous evening. If you’re in the industry and want to donate go to

The weekend was relatively quite for me, I have that annoying cold that’s going around, my first early night for a Friday and Saturday in a long time, I think my body went into shock.

Saturday I was at talkradio live on air with the Steph and Dom show, I was a bit nervous, as you never know which direction the presenter will take your interview, but Dom and Lauren (as Steph wasn’t well) were brilliant, they really helped me talk about our industry in a positive light, I was banging the drum as to why people should get involved in hairdressing, the directions your careers can take are limitless, I really enjoyed being on the show. ( Go to the 12:30-1pm slot its start at 3:45 mins)

Sunday was a farewell lunch for our wonderful Grace and Ed who are heading off on their 5-month South American adventure; I wish them both a safe and wonderful time and I can’t wait to hear all about their adventures.

The week before I was in Manchester for Pro Hair Live with Curlformers by Hairflair, I love this weekend! The Fellowship stage was action packed with teams from the Rainbow Room International headed up by Susie McGill, David Rae, Bang artistic team, Sophia led the Karine Jackson Artistic team on the Fellowship stage, and on the Sunday and Monday we were with Curlformers on the Platinum stage. The live lounge was brilliant as usual – I practically have to be pulled off it – if you want to see any of the interviews check out the Fellowship website. Thank you PHL for another great weekend and I can be righteous this year as I only stayed in the bar for a little while (thank you Sally @glosscommunications for showing me the light!!) and whilst there I also attended an event with Unite at the top of the Hilton – a brilliant event with fab hair by Gary Baker.

Meanwhile we also had teams in London at the HJ live event: Karolina Saunders did a blinding show for the fellowship.

It’s been birthday season; Lolly celebrated her 50th which was a fun night, we did a flash mob dance to Born to be Alive. It’s been a tough time for Lol with her mum and Minty her cat passing away within a day of each other.

I also celebrated my birthday, it started out low key for me, I can’t say it ended that way by the weekend. I went into work for a few hours after a fantastic breakfast (thank you Jackie) and then met with Claire and Jackie at the Haywood gallery to see the Diane Arbus exhibition, which I totally enjoyed. Photography with no special lighting, no filters, no retouching: amazing images. We then went to the Coin Laundry on Exmouth market for early dinner, it was terrible and I’d never go back there. So, we changed plans and met everyone at The Wilmington on Rosebery Avenue. It was a lovely evening with my friends.

 On the Friday night I had a great night out with Errol; we went to Sartoria on Savile Row. The food was fantastic; the service was a little shonkey but the food more than made up for it. Errol’s friend (who by coincidence is dating the clothes stylist we use to use on our Australian shoots!) met us for a drink after dinner. Next thing you know we’re in Maddox dancing having a great time until she fell off the chair she was dancing on. They left, we followed not long after with me feeling all-righteous that it wasn’t me. I strutted down the pavement and then – fell spectacularly – can you believe it my wrist still hurts. Funny night though. I really have a lot more to say about the evening but I will leave it there. :-))

On a healthier note I’ve been taking some fantastic walks on Sundays on Regent’s canal around to Lee Bridge and on the Elderfeild Pub for a delicious lunch. Donna and Gary joined us on the Sunday although I took a wrong turn and we ended up at Limehouse Basin. Funny, it was great to catch up with Donna and Gary, thank you for my birthday lunch.

We also walked to the Royal Academy from Hackney to see the Bill Viola exhibition which was very interesting, some films I loved, some scared me. The Michael Angelo sketches are amazing, I recommend a look.

I was invited to the Sean Hanna awards evening at the hanger in Hackney where the art team hosted a brilliant show; on the same night we had the Fellowship for British Hairdressing Members’ Night. We have some really strong teams ready for Salon International.

I hosted an awards event for the Academy salons at Chelsea football stadium – thanks Julie for inviting me – Salv and the team are great.

Now we’re way back at Christmas, an amazing 2 weeks of relaxation where I went to bed early most nights, did lots of swimming, catching up with family, Alice and Ellen were there from London, it was so cool watching them with my nieces. We went on bush walks, had amazing lunches, and days out in Sydney. I spent New Year at Uncle Rob’s – thanks for having me.
I met up with Karen, Susan, Margo their partners and some friends at the botanical gardens in Sydney for brilliant food and fireworks. I love New Year in Sydney though it all seems a distant memory now.

My Nana was not very well which was a horrible reminder that she’s not going to live forever. I spent time with her doing her hair; you need to treasure every moment. December was busy in the salon, we all worked hard and partied hard and then got sick but that is the way it’s supposed to be here!

I’ll sign off for now (if there is anyone still left reading!) and not leave it so long til the next time.