From HJ live and pro hair live to fellowship masterclass.

From HJ live and pro hair live to fellowship masterclass.So I have failed on all levels at the weekly blog!

What’s been happening? Let’s start with a hen day with the lovely Anna Laney in Oxford, a bit of jewellery making and a whole lot of champagne.

I had to leave the hens early to get back to the salon, a little wobbly if I am totally honest, to finish hair prep and pack kit bags ready for HJ Live in London on  Sunday, where we did an amazing show for the Fellowship stage working with models from the street covering all sizes and hair trends from our Why Label It? collection. It was great fun; our artistic team, Sophia, Marcos and Zoe worked really well on stage and Katie backstage.

I then compered for a few hours; there were some fantastic artists on stage including Bruno from Marc Antoni; the F.A.M.E Team; and Skyler McDonald from Sean Hanna to name a few. Then it was a quick dash to Euston Station and on a train to Manchester, for Pro Hair Live Manchester,  a busy weekend for exhibitions!

After a catch up for dinner with Sally at Gloss Communications it was over to the bar for a catch up with the Shannon family. Early start the next day and when will I learn to go to bed early? I’m guessing never…

Our first show was on the Fellowship Stage presenting our Why Label It? collection. We had fantastic models and a great show; we then had a 40 minute turn-around and headed to the platinum stage for our Girl Power show where we had a massive crowd. Tracy Devine-Smith, Rae Palmer, Ashleigh Hodges and myself all presented 2 models each. We came off stage buzzing, it was a great opportunity for all of us and the audience seemed to love it. Back to London that evening and we were 4 very, very tired people.

The rest of the week, I was booked solid with not an appointment space to spare, I always have a great time with my clients. Come Saturday morning, I was heading to Austria skiing. But not before catching up with some of my friends on Friday evening (again, when will I learn to go to bed earlier! Had to get up at 6am to pack and get to the airport…)

We had a great week skiing even though I had plenty of paper work to catch up on. You don’t mind taking the morning off to do that whilst staring at a beautiful mountain before hitting the slopes.

We were back at Söll again; such brilliant people – Jessica took great care of us. Even leading me to my first black slope in years, I have to be honest I was petrified, but once it was over I was elated, I love the feeling skiing gives you.

All a bit scary/exciting/thrilling and stunningly beautiful. Shame it’s just once a year.

Back to reality a week later – again fully booked in the salon which is great and I really appreciate our lovely loyal clients.

Friday night I was back in Oxford for Anna and Simon’s wedding, I arrived late in the evening but still managed a quick bite to eat at the White Heart Pub with all their family at the beautiful chocolate box village where we were staying.

The ceremony was on Saturday at the Oxford town hall, an amazing building with absolutely stunning ceilings.

Simon and Anna looked radiant and so happy, I wish them all the happiness in the world.

Finally Sunday evening I was back in London and happy to have a bit sofa time.

Monday night I was at the Opal bar compering the Fellowship’s Masterclass. WHAT a great evening: 12 fantastic artists all showcasing their work including Jamie Stevens, Errol Douglas, Sam Burnett, Ashleigh Hodges – if there was ever a reason to join the Fellowship for British Hairdressing this is it.

My team really enjoyed it; cool venue, lots of new ideas for them to try, I love how our industry pulls together to have such great events.

Next week I’ll be doing the same in Glasgow, keep you posted…


To all our mothers out there, happy Mothering Sunday; we’ve got some great ideas for treating your mum (or yourself!) on our website from blow dries and nails to bespoke pampering packages with bubbles. Until next time… Karine xx