From Hair council event to Scotland and preparing for Christmas

The first adventure after my last blog started with the 1st ever Essex hair awards organised by Kate Jeffery. What a great evening; the venue was elegant Orsett Hall, thFrom Hair council event to Scotland and preparing for Christmase food was delicious, the comedian and host for the evening Tom Ward was spot on – I recommend trying to see him somewhere, he was very funny. Congratulations to all the winners.

Monday we hosted an event for the Hair Council to recognise the members they already have, and to attract new members. It was a great evening, our own Sophia Osborn created a really cool hair up. Other guest artists were Ross Cosgrove from not another salon, Ben Madle and Karoliina Saunders from Hairclublive and Southern Hairdresser of the Year, Anne Veck. Each created their own style of fashion and catwalk trends while guests were able to walk around sipping prosecco and chatting with the artists. It shows the solidarity in making sure our industry is looked at in a professional light again, we want to get the message out there this is not ‘just a job’ – it is a great career.

Meanwhile, Simon Hall from our salon was at the AlanD academy for the Fellowship for British Hairdressing’s Long Hair workshop, demonstrating key looks and teaching stylists how to work with long hair.

On Tuesday I was fully booked with clients in the salon and before a night out with Nicola at my new favourite bar, Swift. If you are looking for a cool place to have a drink in Soho then this is it.

Wednesday was a full day in the office planning my team’s reviews and the salon progression. Dinner was with Jackie and Doug; always a good laugh.

It was an early start on Thursday; I had to be in Banbury for a 9am meeting with Jo and the Fellowship office. We’re working on structure to help with the smooth running of the office. It was then a mad dash back to the salon for a full afternoon and evening of clients. The last thing I was thinking of doing after such an early start and busy day was going out. It doesn’t take much to twist my arm though…

Errol had invited me for dinner and a drink and normally this consists of going to the pub, putting the world to rights and being home by 10pm – not dressed for anything else I met him at his salon. This is what I love about London, anything can happen when you walk out the salon door…

We walk past the pub we normally go to and then Errol announces he has a surprise. What a great night!!! I was totally underdressed but we went to the Berkeley hotel, had an amazing dinner and lots of champagne, and if I’d known what we were doing next I wouldn’t have drunk so much to start. After dinner we were given a palette cleanser and shown to a private room. It was explained this was a drinking experience. It was all a bit surreal, but there was a table with 4 large shot glasses each, EEEEEK! It was amazing – as you drunk each cocktail shot there was a projection and scent that got more intense as you went along. I don’t want to say too much more in case you fancy going.

However, anyone that knows me well knows there’s a reason why I only drink champagne – I’m not good at cocktails or mixing drinks. TFrom Hair council event to Scotland and preparing for Christmashe offer to go onto Maddox was totally off the cards. I made it home just in time. I think Jackie was shocked to see the state I was in!

I thought I would feel terrible in the morning but I didn’t (although my scarf was lying out on the pavement outside…) and it was a brilliant night. Thanks Errol!

I spent the weekend catching up with myself and friends; my good friend Annie opened her pop up store in Streatham called Creative Soul. Highly recommend looking here for your Christmas gifts; I’ve started with a couple of little presents and I think I will head back to get a few more. Good luck Annie, I know you will do really well.

We had lunch with Chris after shifting boxes from loft to loft (thank you Jordan for your help.) This is when I wish I was more settled… but would life be as adventurous?!

Monday we were at council – it was a tough day, trying to make everything right for everyone sometimes isn’t that easy.

In the evening it was over to the new Sassoon academy on Buckingham Gate. What a fantastic space, from the outside it just looks like a small building but wow, when you go in it’s a really cool space with high ceiling, skylights and rooms for working from. We were there celebrating Fellowship Hairdresser of the year Edward Darley and we were not disappointed. I hosted the evening and Edwards Hemmings interviewed Edward Darley, who showed the packed room a variety of colour techniques.

This week I was also at Billi Currie celebrating 10 years in business – it was a great party on Chiltern St, I had double booked so luckily Dianne and Jackie were able to come along. We met at the salon and on Jackie’s suggestion we walked over, me having a little moan as I still had my heels on and had been standing all day.

Totally worth it though; London looked stunning! The Regent St. lights were turned on that evening so we walked through Carnaby St. with the club tropical theme and onto what I can only describe as a magical scene: Regent St filled with angels all the way down with lights moving so it looks like they are flying – it definitely gave me a bit of Christmas spirit.

It was a great weekend playing catch up and getting ready for the craziness that will be the next month…

Sunday was such a stunning day, we had a beautiful walk on Victoria Park where the fountain was a big rainbow with the sun hitting it, the colour in the park was breathtaking. I stopped at the farmers’ market to pick up Sunday lunch. Rounded the day off with dinner and Blue Planet 2   From Hair council event to Scotland and preparing for Christmas– I love David Attenborough. Sofa time, how very very exciting!

Monday it was up to Edinburgh for our on the fringe event at the Jam House; loved the venue, Alan Finlay from Rebel Rebel, Heather Nelson from Nelson, Ronnie Marshal from Byron Hair and all the way from Henley our very own Bruno Giamattei from Marc Antoni put on a great show.

After freezing all night (my god I was cold) it was up early and back to the salon in time for my clients.

The next few weeks are going to be really crazy so I may not get a chance to write before Christmas. (lucky you guys J )

It all starts with Black Friday; we have some great offers so please come on in to get some Christmas ideas this Friday…

On Sunday I will be at the Black Hair and Beauty awards and Monday is The British Hairdressing Awards. The following week is the famous Fellowship for British Hairdressing Luncheon and awards at the Dorchester Hotel – fellow hairdressers, I hope to see you there.

Karine x