British Hairdressing Awards & The Fellowship Luncheon


Hello,  I’ll try to keep this blog short even though it’s been an action filled crazy month! My Auntie Marilyn in Australia has a glass of wine whilst reading it but needs a nap halfway through. Thank you for finishing the read and sending love each month.

So, Nana Jackson had her 100th birthday party; all the extended family were there and it was so lovely to see everyone including the next generation running around at our feet! Nana was in her element with her red lipstick matching her dress and watching everyone happy and singing. 
In the week I was at the Hair & Vision event in Edinburgh.  
Great night! Thanks to all our teams that supported: Marlon from Brooks & Brooks, Simon Tuckwell from Lee Holmes, Sophie Laidlaw from wonderland, 
Alan Finlay, Rebel Rebel, Robert Purvis, Art Haus hair, Rhona McCallum, Peter Melon from Medusa and Charlie Taylor. It was a brilliant show at the Jam house in Edinburgh. You could hear a pin drop, everyone was totally absorbed.

I was picked up straight after the show for a 3-½ hour drive to Liverpool where I was presenting at the Holland & Barrett Conference along with Jo from Beauty Kitchen. With a 7am start the following day I was in bed by 1:30am running on pure adrenaline! We talked to 1500 managers and teams from the stores all over the UK and the Netherlands about how the Karine Jackson 100% hair care works; the stores are really excited about recommending the brand. There was a Gala dinner that evening; I was sat at the head table alongside the New CEO of Holland & Barrett.
It was a hugely successful night of networking and getting the products out there; I love talking about the KJHC brand. If you see it in store I would love it if you could take a picture and #kjhc on Instagram. I can’t wait to see all your posts!
Up early the next morning to get the train back to London for a day in the salon. I didn’t see much of Liverpool but what I did see was amazing! I would really like to return for a proper visit; it’s the hometown of my Dad’s favourite teenage band, the Beatles.
After being out of the salon for 2 days, it was full on… In the evening I had a brilliant catch up with  Alice who has now left for an around the world trip. I’m so excited she will be with my family at Christmas in Wollongong!

The lovely Grace and their Mum Karen and Jackie was also there. We all had a fabulous night at the Century Club, even though I was SO tired, but once you get with nice company you forget the tiredness and have a good time! I was holding out for the weekend just so I could get some sleep after such a busy week! Monday soon came around and this was the beginning of the crazy week, starting with the British Hairdressing Awards. On the night I was sat with Errol Douglas who was nominated for British Hairdresser of the year for the 22nd time!

The awards are great but what people need to remember is they are subjective, all the hair work is fantastic. Congratulations to all the winners. Now I don’t know what happens at this event but getting home at 4am on a Monday does not set you up well for the week…
On Tuesday night I met the girls at Sadler’s Wells. Ann had bought us tickets to see Dystopian Dream starring Sawhney/Ramirez/Wang.
The lighting was stunning, beautiful singing and Hussein Chalayan clothes; and brilliant dancing. Thanks to Ann for a lovely evening . 

The rest of the week was super busy in the salon and final touches to the Dorchester Luncheon and awards.

We celebrated Jackie’s birthday; a delicious lunch at the Empress with Marnie, Sam, Wylder and Russell after which we went home to get ready for our drinks party. I should have known it wasn’t going to be a quiet affair!! Good old kitchen disco party. I went to bed and left them all to it at about 2am or so.. 

Cleaned up on Sunday and then went to the rehearsal for the Fellowship Luncheon Awards at the Dorchester. That time again!
I hadn’t slept well the night before but you would think after 6 years I wouldn’t be nervous! Nerves kicked in whilst I was getting my hair done.

 It was my last Luncheon so I was sad but also relieved as the day was fantastic and ran so smoothly including my speech!
I had a melt down yesterday so I’m so glad I’d booked the day off! I think the pressure of the busy month finally kicked in. After a slow start to the day I met Jackie for a long walk around Hackney, Columbia Road, Brick Lane, Shoreditch, and Spitalfields. We weren’t really shopping but I did end up crossing one Christmas present off my list. Early to bed that night.

Today I was up early to get my blog written in time before I left for the salon for a Curlformers® by Hairflair meeting about perming. We are doing so many perms in the salon at the moment so Anna our specialist is helping with a training program that any salon who needs help with perming can use. Very useful seeing as the perming trend has suddenly exploded! 

I have started looking for a venue for The President’s Night in April so will keep you posted.

On a side note, if you’re looking for Christmas gifts take a look on my website –
I hope you all have a great lead up to Christmas and a very happy New Year.
Speak to you all from the other side!