Karine Reflects On February 2020

January, in my head was a quiet month, but on writing my blog this week I realised I was just as busy as ever. That’s if you include all the food I’ve been cooking and eating and all the films I’ve been watching. All I can say right now is WHAY! Stop eating! So much for the swimming, although my last visit to the pool was horrible – it was too busy and the pool too warm, I am going to leave that soup thought with you…

So what have I been up to? We celebrated Janet’s birthday in our usual style.  :-0  Two weeks ago I headed down to Brighton to catch up with my friend Claire, we had wonderful time, I love her home and especially now with the cheeky new addition of a rescue dog, Poppy.  We went to a 50th birthday party, great music courtesy of our friend Nick. It wasn’t a crazy night, just right I would say, chatting dancing and home at a reasonable hour. Ooo – am I getting old?! We had a sunny, blustery walk with Poppy that cleared the head and a nice drive along the seaside. Fresh air and windy sun is always great for you. It was a quieter week in the salon so I spent time strategising, planning and making connections. I left work early (YES I DID!) to meet Ann and Jacki and we watched the early session of David Copperfield; love it – the film was fun and engaging to watch. I think I will read the book now. My classic for this year: a bit of Charles Dickens.

Saturday night was Sarah- Jane’s 30th birthday party; we had a brilliant time meeting Sam and Sarah-Jane’s friends. I am so happy Sam has met someone as lovely as Sarah-Jane. Happy Birthday!

This week has been a busy one. I was at the Library Space in Battersea judging the @AHAF  (Australian Hair Fashion Awards) and all of the finalists the best of luck.

Tuesday was a big day; Mia was born to our lovely receptionist Sam! 8lb 1oz – congratulations to Sam and Ed, we can’t wait to meet her.      Baby mia

I had an 8:30 am start meeting with the Seven Dials business community. I haven’t been to this breakfast before and I realise that it’s really important to be totally connected with the community. I met a lot of the local businesses and followed up with a great meeting with Patrick from the Radisson Mercer Street hotel. We’re going to work on some collaborations, which is how it should be – small and large businesses helping each other to succeed, not wipe each other out. I also enjoyed meeting Umar Mehter, Store manager at Miller Harris so refreshing to see how passionate he is about his job. Thank you Gloss Communications for making me go!

I was fully booked in the salon until 8pm, which is great fun when you have interesting clients. I finished and then quickly dashed over to Hammersmith Apollo to continue Sarah-Jane‘s birthday celebrations. We were there to see Angel Olsen, all I can say one to watch – brilliant. I really love Hammersmith Apollo, such a great venue and never a dull moment. We saw Mathew Horne from “Gavin and Stacey”, Sarah-Jane had no composure when this happened yelling out his catchphrase. But then I think I surpassed myself with embarrassment when I bought a bottle of champagne for Jackie and I and decanted into two pint glasses because we couldn’t take the bottle in. This made me realise that half a bottle of champagne is only one pint, actually, that could be dangerous to know.

Wednesday was a really busy day with meetings, planning seminars and getting ready for shows. I have to say I’ve been just a little bit miserable over the last week amongst the fun. I think I get like this around my birthday over the last few years the wrong side of “well you know.” I love my birthday, it’s a good reason to get your friends together and have fun or just to treat yourself. More and more I’m realising life is just so full of excitement and there is so much to do and my time is getting shorter and shorter, this scares the life out of me.

I was thinking about my Poppy (granddad), we called him Sydney Pop because that’s where he lived. My Dad’s father was Bulli Pop cause that’s where he lived (yes I know). I was thinking how much he would have loved living in this era, excluding of all the crap stuff that’s happening, because he absolutely loved technology. He was an engineer, he would tinker with anything. I loved to sit in his garage where everything was laid out to perfection, all the tools had a place with drawings around where the tools went so you wouldn’t forget. This still makes me smile.

He would disassemble a whole radio and put it back together. AMAZING. Poppy had to have the latest camera, home cinema; video camera – technology was his friend. Home videos, a lot of home videos, the not so fun part was that we had to sit and watch the boring holiday movies. I didn’t really mind, I loved he embraced technology and we got to experience it.

Every new gadget that came out he would get. I remember when he bought toilet roll holder with a radio in-it so cool and this tiny little TV you could have next your bed with an alarm clock. If he could only see how we are watching TV now, it would blow his mind. Anyway you can see where my mind’s been this week.

Wednesday night Jacki and I saw off my last day as a ** year old person and Thursday arrives and yes it’s my birthday. I had a lovely breakfast: smoked salmon, poached egg on fresh sough dough bread and sensational cake for breakfast.  Oh no more food.

Karines bday

I love the calls from all the kids in Australia, my wonderful nieces and my friends. I was working on Thursday, it was lovely to be in the salon and my wonderful team got my favourite cake, Whole Foods Carrot cake, if you haven’t tried you should, and the Tim Walker book, it was a great atmosphere. I finished with my clients and headed over early to Exmouth market to meet up with Douglas, but with a little bit of an early start I think I peaked too early! Janet, Jenny and Jacki joined us, plus Jeff (wow I know a lot of people with names starting with J), Chris and Carl. We had a lovely time laughing, telling stories and singing -Thank you to all my wonderful friends for making my birthday special.

Surprisingly, Friday I was OK! I think that’s because I drank water for the last hour of the night. I left Jeff and Jackie putting the world to rights as I had a full day on Friday. Art team training Friday night, home, ready for London Fashion week on Saturday.

What a great team, Anne Veck, Gary from Unite and of course the wonderful Brendon O’Sullivan; thanks to Justine for all the organisation. I found joy in Fashion Week again!

This week has kicked off with the judging of the Dutch hair awards, again good luck to all of the finalists. If you’re near Manchester this weekend, come and catch us on the business stage with @organiccoloursystemsuk and the platinum stage with @hairflairpro, I will be back soon with all the gossip from @PHL