Birthday celebrations to Pro Hair Live in Manchester

Birthday celebrations to Pro Hair Live in Manchester  And the beat goes on, we are already in March and what another eventful month it has been! Carol and I had a great meeting with Mark Butcher from MHD at The Arts Club, Mayfair, London.  The rest of the week was busy with team reviews for Organic Colour System training.  Big thank you to Chloe and my fabulous clients.

On Friday 8th Feb, we were meant to be preparing for Lolly’s winter walk, it had been torrential raining all week, and a walk up Box Hill was sounding all a bit to muddy.
It continued to pour down with rain all day, which meant that our annual winter walk was cancelled, thank goodness!

We had dinner arrangements planned for Saturday evening, which the rain couldn’t stop us from. Naturally.  We went to our favourite Chinese, Mrs Wong, in Streatham which we have been doing to for over 25 years. It was recently sold, I’m still unsure as to how you can destroy a restaurant that has been such a huge part of Streatham’s social calendar so quickly.  We would always run into people that we knew from the area, and we even use to spot Cynthia Payne regularly eating there; the food and the service there had always been good!  In just a few months, the décor was falling apart and the food had turned awful.

To top this off, I choked on a poorly cut piece of chilli.  It was stuck in my windpipe and I couldn’t get it out.  It took my friends a good five minutes before they realised I was choking. I’m not kidding.   Then, I had six tipsy women trying to the Heimlich manoeuvre, and one take photos. Clearly, we weren’t taking it very seriously.   Never to be beaten, the chilli was firmly stuck and burned every time that I coughed. Nethertheless, I continued with the evening.  We went over to The Ferrers and thank goodness our trusted landlord, Duncan, was there with bottles of champagne.  All had been salvaged, it turned out to be a great evening, or so I thought. The next day was a whole other story, every time I coughed the burning was sensational.  After waking up I realised a big note to self; champagne will not help to remove chilli from your windpipe.Birthday celebrations to Pro Hair Live in Manchester

So, it was off to A&E!  Nearly 7 hours later I’d had an X-ray and to stabilise my breathing I had time on the nebuliser.  I was then told that the persistent chilli is not budging!  It will have to come out on its own or stay and decay.  What?! The chilli was still burning, at least my breathing was more regulated.

By Monday I was flat out and non-stop coughing. We had a great Chancellery meeting, then it was over to Wella for the first members evening of the year.  At these events, you have to go on stage and present a four minute show.  It’s always great fun!  With the chilli firmly stuck, it was off to bed for not such a great night’s sleep.  I found that the less I moved, the less it hurt.

On Tuesday 13th February it was MY BIRTHDAY!  Always a bit painful, another year older and then my brother, the best paramedic in OZ, tells me that the decaying chilli is going to give me rotten breath.  Time to freak out.  

Before work, I had a lot of birthday calls and I came downstairs to find a little cake with a candle that Jackie had brought for me.  Great news, cake for breakfast with my nieces who thought that was super cool.
 Off to work I go, I get a call from Chris who thought it would be funny to start winding me up on my birthday.  So I yelled at him and then the unexpected happened – out came the chilli!  It was really grose, but I was SO happy I couldn’t believe that it was finally out!  I can’t remember what Chris was saying at that exact moment, he was the best person on the planet.  Later on, he sent me a text saying “consider that your birthday present, I literally annoyed the crap out of you..”. 

It had been a fun day in the salon and then it was on to Café Boheme for my birthday celebrations.  The evening was filled with a lot of champagne and great company.  Thank you to all of my friends that came and for the amazing presents, I felt really special! The following day, Wednesday, was a bit tough as expected after a late night. The rest of my week and even the weekend were really quiet. I visited my niece at her new home which involved lots of walking and healthy eating – no drinking!
On Monday 19th February we had the Hairdressing Charity ball in Tower Hill. It was a wonderful evening, well done to Philip Sharp and Sam Grocutt.
 On Wednesday, we had a fantastic training session in the salon with the team. Anna Hayes rocked her looks and did a fabulous hair up.  If you’re planning on getting married, attending a ball or any other occasion she is the one to go to!

On Friday evening I had dinner with my friends, which is always a great laugh! However, it wasn’t such a good idea for me to pack for the weekend after dinner.  I may have forgotten a few things.  Saturday morning and I was up bright and early to go into the salon.  We had a big weekend ahead of us.  


Pro Hair Live in Manchester made for a brilliant weekend.  We rocked our shows for Curlformers by Hairflair, the hairstyles were inspired by travelling through the years of hair trends. It was brilliant, I worked with the ever fantastic make-up artist, Roseanna Velin, she is brilliant and I would recommend her to anyone!  I met some really interesting people, the Shannon’s are a wonderful family and host an action packed exhibition.  Birthday celebrations to Pro Hair Live in Manchester

Birthday celebrations to Pro Hair Live in Manchester Birthday celebrations to Pro Hair Live in Manchester

The Fellowship launched the Live Lounge and it was a huge success!  If you missed it, not to fear, it will be on tour for the rest of the year!  On 19th March and 9th April we will be at the Hair and Vision event in Sway.  The live lounge will also be at my first Presidents network, if you haven’t bought your tickets yet head over to our fab new website to book –

Sophia made her debut solo stage appearance she was great.
 On the same weekend, we had HJ Live!  It was another successful event and we streamed Instagram stories live for everyone that wasn’t there. The teams on stage showcased some brilliant work.  As always, it was a hardcore weekend filled with long days spent standing up and just as long evenings spent socialising in the Radisson Edwardian Hotel.  Can’t complain, it’s always tremendous fun!

The train journey home did put a bit of a damper on things though.  The Virgin train staff, didn’t show any compassion whatsoever.  Apologies in advance for the rant I am about to have, it needs to be known that they can’t treat us like this.  We had been rushing to get on the train, we wanted to grab some food because we hadn’t eaten all day and the food on the train is disgusting!  We were through the barrier and finally on the train, just in time!  We had to walk through the carriages to find our seats, with all of our kit.  Ticket in mouth, I found my seat and sat down to eat some food. The cleaner was walking through the carriages of the train, being the nice person that I am I made sure to put my rubbish in the bin.  However, I hadn’t realised that my train ticket had also made it into the bin.. When the inspector walked through, I handed him the six tickets that I had, still not realising my ticket wasn’t there.  I had the proof of purchase, the seat reservation and the receipt but that still wasn’t enough proof.  He made me buy  another ticket at £85 , seriously?!  I expected more compassion from Virgin trains, it had been an extremely long weekend and I was very tired.  My ticket was definitely in the bin, or I ate it.  To make it worse, the ticket inspector tried to call me a liar and said they don’t have a cleaner on the train.  Thankful for the kindness of strangers as other passengers backed me up. First thing I would like to address is that your trains smell when you walk past the toilet and the floors are filthy.  I still don’t understand why we need 6 tickets for a return journey, it gets awfully confusing.. From this experience I have decided that I will be avoiding getting on any Virgin trains, rant over.

On Tuesday, we were back in the salon. It had been a crazy week of cancelling clients due to adverse weather conditions.  Wednesday morning was absolutely stunning, I experienced apricity, not so much the next day however. It did lift my mood with the combination of the warmth of the sun and the cold snowy hair.

I love weather it is the master and commander of us.  I hope you enjoy the snow days they don’t last long. This weekend was spent at home, totally needed!  We had the lovely Wylder, Jacki’s three year old granddaughter staying with us.   She did say it was a fun house, that may be down to pillow fights, sock wars, painting, ‘Frozen’ being played on repeat, hide and seek and being allowed to jump on my bed.  It might take me a week to recover.

There was no time to recover as it was straight to party prep!  It was our good friend Anne’s 60th birthday.  The party was gold themed, so we decorated the room with gold helium balloons,

Birthday celebrations to Pro Hair Live in Manchesterattached photos of Anne on the back of a quiz for later on in the party. I do love to plan a party, and Jackie put together a great slide show for Anne. It all looked amazing. Janet cooked the main dish, 18 hour cooked pork, it was out of this world.  We made the starter.  Chris made a 6 layered chocolate cake filled with cream and jam!  Douglas put together a wicked playlist, there was a lot of singing and dancing, which totally made us forget just how tired we were.  I love my friends, Sunday really was such a great day!  It was 25 years worth of stories and laughter, we really do know how to have a great party.

International Women’s Week this week, keep an eye out for all the things that will be going on. Have a great week!