Becoming President of the fellowship for British hairdressing

  Becoming President of the fellowship for British hairdressingAs if life wasn’t busy enough, I’ve just stepped it up a gear! Monday night was Bruno’s final event as President of the Fellowship for British Hairdressing and made the handover to me. I have to say I was more nervous about speaking at the end of this event than I am hosting and talking for the entire day at the annual luncheon! However, my speech was received well and I’m so happy with the feedback and response, I’m really excited about moving forward with the Fellowship, it’s going to be an exciting, busy couple of years.

This week our stylist Sophia made her debut at an industry event as a transgender woman; perfect timing with a great article just published in the new issue of Professional Hairdresser. One small step towards a more tolerant and accepting world….

I have a great team on the Fellowship council and I’m really looking forward to working closely with them: Jo Martin, the Chair, Andreas Stavrou as Vice President and Ken Picton as Chancellor. I hope Ken enjoys his role as much as I did.

In the salon we’ve employed 2 new team members this week; Adrian started on Tuesday and Annum starts in June; we welcome them to our growing team.

Last weekend I nipped down to Brighton to see my friend Claire whose business is also doing amazingly well; her busine
ss deals with European tax so if you have internet sales abroad she’s your girl! Find her @simplyvat.
It was the start of the Brighton festival hosted by Kate Tempest (who I love) and there was a great buzz in Brighton town centre; I highly recommend getting to the festival.

The next day was an unusual one for me. We went to a kind of spa day, it
started in the gym which to my surprise I really enjoyed, I started getting ready for my 100-mile bike ride for the hairdressing charity by cycling, rowing and I the did some laps of the pool (I love swimming so that bit was easy.) So please help me hit Becoming President of the fellowship for British hairdressingmy target of £5000 by donating on the link here:

I haven’t written since I did my shoot out in Australia; I can’t believe that was a month ago!

Firstly I want to remember Yvonne, my great friend Margaret Aston’s Mum. I was fortunate enough the day I landed to spend time with Yvonne, she has sadly passed away since. Yvonnie was a free sprirt who loved to have a good time and she will always be remembered.

It was a flash of a week but amazing, I took my niece Tatum to Melbourne as my assistant; what a star! She introduced herself to everybody, finding out what their role was during the day and asking where they got inspiration. She totally got involved with the team asking Mel Nixon the clothes stylist where she got her inspiration for the clothes, getting to know Andrew O’Toole the photographer, bossing Errol Douglas around (that’s my niece!) The shoot went well, but that’s enough of that until November Becoming President of the fellowship for British hairdressing?Becoming President of the fellowship for British hairdressing?

I had a great catch up over the weekend back in Wollongong with my family taking Sienna and her bestie Bobby out for her birthday and then the big adventure taking the twins and Clover (who’s only 5) to the Easter show with an overnight stay in Sydney. Let’s just say that I won’t be doing makeup on my shoot without a bit more training. (Catch the VT…) We had an amazing day going on rides, looking at the inspirational displays, watching the rodeo and the re-enactment of Australia’s most famous poem, the man from snowy river, first published in 1890 – all this was held at Sydney Olympic Park.

Big Becoming President of the fellowship for British hairdressingcongratulations to my youngest cousin Natalie and her husband Brett on the birth of the first child, Florence (yes, another girl in our family!)

We also celebrated a few more birthdays whilst I was there, my brother Stephen and his lovely wife Clare celebrate a day apart.

7 days in and it felt like a month, then it was back on the plane to London.

My Mum was also 70 at the end of the month; she jumped ship on the celebrations and went to Hawaii with her bestie…

Back in London it was all systems go, getting ready for President’s Night, and having training with the team. The lovely Altin from THAO and Marc Antoni came in to do a cut demonstration – the team loved it (and him – watch out…) Debbie G from Debbie G training gave Al a fantastic private lesson on train the trainer. I think it’s so important to mix training up in the salon by getting outside trainers in.

Sophia had her tryouts for the GHD style squad, fingers crossed she’ll make the team.

Awards season is here and my entry is all done for the Creative Head Most Wanted Colour Expert, fingers crossed for that… I’ve spent all year getting this entry ready and a big shout out to the hard working team Sally and Emily at Gloss Communications.
I also managed a very, very funny night out next-door with my friend Nicola Pembro and Sam our salon coordinator. All I can say is dancing in Le Beaujolais is an experience and extremely funny.

This week is gearing up to be another full on week; I’ll keep you posted