Become a Hairdresser – Top Career Choice for Teenagers


COLOUR-FESTIVAL-2016With the summer holidays comes a swathe of young people faced with the decision of what to do with their lives. For anyone who chooses hairdressing, London is an amazing place to do an apprenticeship – not only is it the fashion capital of the world but we’re surrounded by inspiration and the world’s best training right on our doorstep.

Current nominee (and former winner of) the London Hairdresser of the Year award, Karine Jackson, is keen to flag up that hairdressing is a career that’s often overlooked by schools but the opportunities are incredible: huge salaries, working with celebrities, amazing training… Because of the “just a hairdresser” preconception peddled by many schools, not enough people apply for apprentice jobs in London but the facts are:

  • The hair industry is worth £7.1billion to the UK economy
  • You can go on to make amazing money – it’s not unusual for successful hairdressers to make £1k a day. A good west end hairdresser can earn between £25k and £60k a year.
  • Hairdressing is regularly voted one of (if not the) happiest and most fulfilled professions.
  • Once you’ve qualified you can be your own boss, a businessperson working on products, work on shoots for magazines or with celebrities and at Fashion Week, fly all over the world (British hairdressing is renowned as the best in the world and UK hairdressers are paid by product companies to present shows and seminars and teach around the globe), go into education…
  • The training in London is incredible and worth thousands of pounds but apprentices don’t have to pay for it – they go to college 1 day a week and undergo in-salon training the rest of the week for which they are paid. It takes 2-4 years depending on your ability to get on the salon floor which means for 16-18 year olds who are leaving school, rather than do a degree they can train for a career and come out of it without debt and with the potential for equivalent earnings to a graduate within the same timescale.

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Hairdressing is a wonderful career, perfectly suited to creative, artistic, articulate, sociable candidates – get in touch with us today using this link if you want to know more!