A fantastic trip to Las Vegas

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I can’t believe we’re into the final four weeks until Christmas!

This last month has been just as busy as the rest of the year, I ended October with a fantastic trip to Las Vegas for Nicola Pembro’s 50th birthday trip.

I had never been to Las Vegas before – wow! It wasn’t what I was expecting. It’s like a giant amusement park for adults… I was in brilliant company so we had loads of fun, lots of laughs and a few cocktails.

The hotels were something else they all had a theme: New York New York was first on the stop, not one to miss a ride we did the roller coaster there.

The Venetian – that was weird – it was all indoors with a fake sky so you felt like you were outdoors – I felt a bit queasy from this!

We walked down town where we came across a wedding – they stopped us and I thought oooh, we’re going to get to be witnesses! But no, they just wanted us to take a picture of them – how disappointing… Down town Vegas we took advantage of the zip wire that went the length of Fremont St. We also popped into the Golden Nugget, one of Frank Sinatra’s old hangouts. On Nicola’s birthday we went for a fantastic meal at Hakkasan Restaurant, one of my favourites in London, then up to the nightclub to see Calvin Harris. It was also Halloween again – WOW – not much left to the imagination!! I have never seen so many boobs, lips and bums hanging off older (and I mean a lot older) men. Great night for people watching. Girls, you don’t need to do this – not judging, just saying.

The next morning was a 6am start and we didn’t get to bed until 3am. It didn’t matter though, I was excited as today was the day we were going to the Grand Canyon and we were not disappointed. We had a stop at the Hoover Dam along the way.  What an impressive structure.  We drove through the Joshua Tree forest, the desert was stunning, then the beauty of the Grand Canyon unfolded in front of us. The colours, the millions of years of erosion, I loved it.

We did the walk over the glass bridge so you could look down into the valley. I would love go back and do a trek down to the bottom. Our Pink Jeep Tours guide showed us the fossils in the rocks and pointed out the wild life, she was fantastic. What a day – loved it, thank you Nicola for organising it all.
Our last day in Vegas was spent around the pool which was great; we had been pretty busy. We didn’t really gamble, only for an hour one night on a horse ga

vegas blogme, which was interactive and funny. However when we got to the airport we had a few hours to kill, as we were on the late flight Nicola’s addiction came to light. We were just getting rid of left over change and kept winning! We had everyone in the waiting area cheering Nicola on, it was g

reat fun. I am glad I’ve been to Vegas; not sure I would go back but I definitely would visit the Grand Canyon again.

The one thing I struggled with was the excessive use of single use plastic, it was really upsetting me. They were still using plastic straws and some places would not fill your drink bottle giving the excuse of heath and safety. I mean seriously.

And the plastic cups – wrong wrong wrong! I did have a little go (or I like to think a debate) with a the bar man in the Golden Nugget. But he came round to me after a while and said you’re right, we should be doing more. That made my d


I may have bored my friends on the trip with the plastic campaign but if I’ve got one more person thinking about it then I’m happy. I would love the hotels in Las Vegas to have a good look at their polices and do a plastic assessment on the establishments. We could practically reverse climate change just there!

On that note I have been following the dreadful fires in Australia; it’s devastating seeing the loss of homes and wildlife, it breaks my heart. 2 of my cousins were evacuated with their families not knowing if they were going to see their home again; thank goodness they were all ok. The smoke is so dangerous as well, it is very scary.

If you’re not sure about climate change Google and have a look the fires and it may change your mind. And have a read of this story.  
There has been no rain in years in some parts of Australia, not to mention the fires in California as well. I’ll be back soon with the second blog for the week telling you all about my course last week…

Speak soon Karine