Karine’s Reflections On 2019

2019 was a good year with its ups and downs but positive overall, however, first I need to talk about Sydney…blog 7.1.20 1 1

New Year 2019 I was in Sydney with friends and family from the UK and Australia; seeing NYE in Sydney Harbor was amazing! BUT as the year has progressed, my research into the effects of fireworks for our privilege and indulgence is so wrong. We need to look at the devastation that climate change is causing, and I can’t watch or promote fireworks again, they are so bad for the environment. Not to be a buzz kill, I’m always looking for a positive solution – why not look at laser lights or water displays; most NYE displays are central to water so this would mean minimal impact on our environment.

Why should governments look at the impact of fireworks? They cause extensive air pollution in a short amount of time, leaving metal particles, dangerous toxins, harmful chemicals and smoke in the air for hours and days. Some of the toxins never fully decompose or disintegrate, but just hang around in the environment. Governments have a responsibility to their country to protect it. I was shocked and upset Sydney still held their fireworks, it’s beyond me. With the devastation that is going on – REALLY! We need to take inspiration from the Midnight Oil song Beds Are Burning – if you don’t know it please have a listen – this was written in 1987! We didn’t listen then, WE NEED TO LISTEN NOW.

I’ve heard every reason why the fireworks should have gone ahead,

“Well the money was already spent”

“The tourists are already here” 

“We raised over $2,000,000 for the red cross”.  

I really want to point out Australia may end up uninhabitable if we keep going with this.

We may not have a planet left.  

PLEASE I want all governments to rethink fireworks and I want to challenge Sydney – you were the leaders in the fireworks, let’s be the city that leads in sustainable NYE celebrations.

I urge all my Aussie readers to have a say about what we are doing to the climate with fireworks and suggest what we could do instead.  The festival of light is a good example of a more sustainable way to light up a city at New Year. So back to the lighter side of last year…I handed over my Presidency for the Fellowship for British Hairdressing; after a massive 2 years I was happy with all the work done and ended with a brilliant evening at the Landmark Hotel in Marylebone. It was a great year for awards and nominations including:

Finalist: Creative Head Most Wanted – Colour Expert

Winner: Hair Awards – Colour Expert

Winner: Colour World – People’s Choice award

2019 reflection

Finalist: Salon Business awards – Colour Expert and Green Salon

Finalist: BHA London Hairdresser of the year

It was a busy year with travel and I’m very aware of my carbon footprint, so I’ve tried to offset by cycling, walking and taking the train when possible, and always taking my own cup so as not to be served with all the plastic.

Skiing was great fun in Spain’s Sera Nevada for Mark’s 60th as was going to Australia for the AHAF awards and doing my amazing collection, Twisted Linear. There was a sad twist to the trip as my wonderful Nana passed away 2 weeks before turning 97. I’m going to look at the positive here in that I was able to spend some time with her and we had a lovely giggle. I was with my Mum when she passed away so was able to help Mum and I was honoured to read the eulogy at the funeral. Nana had lived a long and mostly happy life so we celebrated her.

We had a trip to Rome – not so great this time but funny all the same. I had a great time in Liverpool , a fabulous city; attended the SHABBA –  always a fantastic evening, and I was in Bournemouth for a weekend to shoot Organic Colour Systems’ Inspired collection.

I went to San Diego for the Unite global session, which was an amazing experience, my sister Michelle came as well as a few Aussie friends; Gail Mettam  who has a salon in Balgownie also attended the event, which was really cool.

I was back in the USA for Nicola’s 50th birthday, that was a fantastic time with lots of giggles (where is Kitty J)  The Grand Canyon blew my mind.

I made a quick trip to see our dear friends Marine and Chris in Limoges, living the good life. They are so sustainable and have great inspiring little ideas we could take home from them.  It was great to get down with nature, mushroom foraging, apple pressing, I miss it! Even though I love the city I am a country girl at heart.

The next trip was to Paris for theGlobal Ambassadors Program and this totally blew my mind. @vitalvoices is a program to help women working sustainably in business. I had the best mentor for the week – Idil, thank you .

The trainers were inspiring, motivational and encouraging. The program is sponsored by the Bank of America, if you’re interested then read a little more here.

I have a new lease of life for my business and a very clear direction of how I can make changes to run it more sustainably and better. It was the most positive thing of 2019 and has left me feeling great about the year ahead.

2019 reflections 2

I was glad to pack my suitcase away when I got back, I don’t want to see it for a while!

The final month of the year flew by with Jacki’s 60th followed by the British Hairdressing awards,  Margo visiting , The Fellowship Luncheon (so good to be a guest and not totally stressed out  organizing it!) and of course the salon Christmas rush. I loved it, in the salon we have new team members who are amazing really complementing the strong team I already have. I think 2020 is going to be really exciting for the Karine Jackson sustainable hair and beauty salon.

We also have a salon baby due in Feb and I would like to wish Sam and Ed many years of joy.

Christmas was fantastic; I was in London for the first time in 10 years.  I enjoyed the build up, Christmas Eve we went to Richmond for one of Jacki’s friend’s Christmas party; it was amazing. a beautiful house, amazing  goose and carol singing.  

We were hosting  Christmas day at our house for 10 people, although sadly our head chef was ill and had to leave early. Big love to Sam and Sarah-Jane missing Christmas. They had us to the finishing stage so Jacki and I took over. Oops, I was already a few too many champagnes down – I wouldn’t have had them had I known but we managed though  A few hours later than expected we served and it was amazing, thank you Sam.

We had games, a sing a long, dancing and lots of  FaceTime chats with my family at home in Australia.

It was nice to have a stay-cation in London over the Christmas period,  I went to the cinema which I haven’t done in ages, although I found the film Little Women a little boring it was still a nice experience.

I walked around my area, visited parks and I couldn’t resist a little visit to the salon.

New Year was spent locally, we met up with Errol in Stoke Newington and had great fun at the Windrush bar, we also manage to pop over to Janet’s for a new year dance around before getting home in the early hours.

I started the New Year off with a swim at London Fields Lido, which I hope to keep up (let’s see…) My 10 days off are up and I’m ready for whatever 2020 brings.

I would like to end with a challenge: what one small thing could you change a month to help tackle climate change?

Here are a few tips:

Drive the car less; walk to the shops

Don’t buy produce wrapped in single use plastic.

Heat or cool your house less; look at what you can improve there.

Don’t buy coffee, tea or water in disposable cups or bottles – bring your own.

Don’t waste water, switch off when brushing your teeth.

Be aware of the little things you can do to stop climate change and save our planet.

Be aware of what each action is doing to the planet  – always ask, DO YOU NEED IT?!

Wishing you all a bright, happy and sustainable 2020.