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Your Skin & The Menopause

What Happens To Your Skin As You Age? Top Tips From Karine Jackson Hair & Beauty Salon in Seven Dials, London

Your skin is likely to become drier as the oil glands’ activity slows down. It’s very important to keep skin well hydrated and it might be time to change your moisturiser to a heavier, more cream based one. This becomes a bit tricky with hot flushes, but speak to your skin therapist because they will have a few suggestions on which products will work better for this.

Skin can appear to lose its elasticity and start to sag. Invest in a good home-care regime to keep on top of this and to give you an overall skin radiance boost, and use an SPF daily especially to reduce age spots. Don’t forget to include your hands

Eating foods rich in antioxidants will help boost your skin from the inside. Lots of people recommend sleep, exercise and of course, we recommend relaxation. Facials and massages are excellent ways to relax and improve the mood.