Smoothing Keratin Treatment

72 Hair Smoothing System Karine Jackson Hair Salon In Seven Dials, Covent Garden

Beautifully glossy hair, with minimum effort, can be yours every day.  That dream is a reality with 72 Hair, thanks to years of research and development with a team of professional hairdressers.

This expertly formulated hair smoothing treatment will give you manageable, frizz-free, and impossibly shiny hair that is much easier to manage and style.

72 Hair has harnessed the power of professional-grade ingredients, with the expertise of our experienced team of stylists, to ensure your hair looks its best, day in, day out. 

It is now available at Karine Jackson Sustainable Hair Salon in Covent Garden. Simply call us on 020 7836 0300 to book in for a consultation so we can assess your hair, explain the process, and talk through the hair smoothing results you can expect.

How Long Does 72 Hair Keratin Smoothing Take?

The application process takes between 1 and 3 hours depending on the length and thickness of your hair. After the 72 Hair smoothing gel has been applied, your hair is left for 45 minutes to allow the keratin to be absorbed into the hair shaft.

After this, it is blow-dried and the hair is ironed to seal and lock in moisture which hydrates the hair to create a glossy, smooth finish.

It is important that you leave the hair in its natural state so do not use any hair accessories, ties, water or shampoo for three days. After the three-day period, you can wash your hair using the after-care products provided.