From the Phoenix Garden Agricultural Show to training for the Hair Charity bike ride


Starting from Monday night; it was the Creative Head Awards at the stunning Natural History Museum. Congratulations to all the winners, many of whom are Fellowship members. It was lovely to see our members doing so well in the Awards. For once in my life I took the sensible route and went home once the awards finished. I was feeling very righteous about this (Oh no! Maybe I’m starting to become sensible! I’m sure it’s just a faze…) On that note, my training is going well for the Hairdressers Charity bike ride. However, I received some bad news last night… There will be 100% more hills this year, I want to cry already! All this training and I’ll be no more prepared for the ride than last year. I HATE THE HILLS!

On a nicer note, if you’re around next weekend it’s the big Wanderlust 108 Yoga event at Battersea Park on Saturday 15th September. It’ll be an action filled day starting with the mindful triathlon – a 5k run or walk, 90 mins of yoga with Adriene Mishler (the actual Yoga With Adriene! If you’re one of her 4 million youtube followers you won’t want to miss this…) and Julie Montagu, Goldie on the decks, and a mass meditation. If you want to skip the exercise, go for the food and shopping! Jasmine Hemsley, author of cookbook East by West will give a talk on Ayurvedic eating, there’s loads of good vegan food, a huge market and 117 classes including acro-yoga, aerial yoga and many more. Use code WLGBUNCOM to get 10% off the ticket price here:
Last weekend was the Phoenix Garden Agricultural Show and it was wonderful. Jacki and I were in charge of the BBQ and we named it Karine’s Bonza Bangers and Jacki’s Sizzling Sausages. It was an action filled day with Morris Dancers, Punch and Judy, West London beekeepers and farm animals for the kids to interact with. I love how the whole community of Central London comes together and has an amazing time! The sun was shining which was an added bonus.
On Sunday we went for a walk along the canal from Broadway market down to Angel Islington for the canal fair. The Morris dancers had a busy weekend! We watched a brilliant Ukulele band where everyone was singing along. There was a very bizarre performing arts group called the Twits. I’m not sure what I made of it but all I know was I couldn’t stop watching! I was in shock with all his outfits and at the very end he jumped in the canal!
The rest of the month has been very busy with meeting reviews for the team and working on our business strategy. I meet up with some of the Charles Worthington gang last week Carolyn Chapman, Michelle Austin and mantha Johnston it was brilliant fun 16 years on. We were 15 years old on the 26th August; as well as being super proud this actually made me a little depressed. Where has the last 15 years gone?!
Our friend Roan is in town from Jamaica. We had a really fun night at the South Bank on Bank Holiday weekend, I love it there! They had a disco outside where all the parents, kids and Roan showed their dance moves. It was so much fun until the heavens opened up, it was like Niagara falls pouring down on top of us. It seemed like this was the trend for the rest of the weekend.
All back home to dry off and continue the dancing – I can’t let my reputation down for a late finish! It was OK as the next two days were a complete washout, I caught up on lots of films. I love the ‘20th Century Woman’ directed by Mike Mills staring Annette Bening and ‘The Party’ directed by Sally Potter. As it was raining I didn’t have an ounce of guilt that I was having a sofa Sunday. I made a fabulous Sri Lankan Curry with cabbage and chicken coconut curry (even if I do say so myself)!

In the build up to the weekend I was judging the F.A.M.E team semi final at the Wella Studios.

A long 14-hour day but we are now down to 8 finalists. If you’re in the UK please come along to Salon International on the Monday and watch the final 8 become 4!

The next few months are going to be totally crazy so I will try to keep you up to date. So many exciting things ahead! Sometimes I feel like I’m running around like a crazy person so it was nice to hear my Mum say yesterday, ‘Your life is so cool so make the most of it’. You forget sometimes to take a step back and really have a look at what you’re doing.
It might be hard work but it is definitely great fun.